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Themed Entertainment and the Art of the eCard

This year we’ve gotten a flurry of eCards for the holidays and practically no mailed paper cards. There seems to have been a wholesale switchover from the one medium to the other. It is a good thing in many ways – less paper waste, and a savings on postage.

Some companies are donating the money saved to a charitable cause. There is a more melancholy echo however, because a corresponding phenomenon is the rapid shrinking of the print publication industry. But it’s a sign of the times, and as a publication that exists entirely online with no paper version, Blooloop likes to think that it shows we are in step with the times.

We present here a sampling of the holiday greetings we’ve received in recent days via eCards, from various members of the industry. Think of how this medium has evolved since we began using the Internet. It was just a few years ago we started to see the first eGreetings – often delivered via a service. They were novel and sometimes they were booby-trapped. We learned not to click on eGreetings from unrecognized recipients.

Now, the holiday e-message from a colleague is usually delivered straight to your inbox. You open it, see a fepremier world fountainsw lines of text and an image or a link. Sometimes you have to click in order to get the full image. We accept it all as part of the process – it is now how you open your holiday mail.

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Blooloop!

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