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Tracy’s Vital Statistics: Universal Orlando Parks, FY 2008

One-day pass most popular at Universal Orlando

Information collected by Blooloop News Editor Tracy Kahaner of Kahaner Research.

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Pass Sales

 … Sales from passes were $455.9 million and $450.8 million during 2008 and 2007, respectively.

… The various types of passes include: one-day, two-day, seven-day, Orlando FlexTicket (includes other specific parks), annual pass; and “other.”

… The one-day pass is the most popular, followed by the seven-day pass. 

Visitors/Visits – FY 2008

… Unique visitors using the one-day and the seven-day pass totaled 3.6 million and 1.3 million, respectively.

… For the one-day, seven-day, and annual pass, visits per pass holder averaged as follows, respectively: one visit, 2.43 visits, and 4.84 visits.

… Extrapolating from Universal’s pass sale figures, an approximate total of 6.3 million unique visitors averaged 1.67 visits each to Universal Orlando parks in FY 2008.


… Annual attendance (visits) for 2008 was 10.6 million.

… Of those visits, 3.0 million were from within Florida; 4.1 million were from other US states and 3.5 million were international.

Fiscal year 2008, ending 20 March 2009

Source: UCDP Finance Inc.

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