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Waterparks: Camelbeach Waterparks – a Potted History

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Camelbeach Waterpark is a water amusement park in Tannersville, Pennsylvania which is located in Big Pocono State Park in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. 

The water park opened in 1998 and because of its location in the mountains, it is the summer operations for the Camelback Mountain Resort which becomes the Camelback Ski and Snowboard Area during the winter months. Because it is used as a dual purpose resort, the water park itself is only operational between May up until Labor Day weekend.

There are over 30 water slides at the water park which is the most of any water park in the state of Pennsylvania as well as it having a number of other attractions.

Some of the water park’s most popular slides are the Titan, an 8-story tall tube slide where up to 5 people ride down its 9 curves on a raft. Triple Venom is a speed ride featuring three separate thrill slides called Serpent, Cobra and Viper. The Cobra slide’s special feature is that you hurtle down it in total darkness whilst on the Serpent, you get to experience the sensation of weightlessness three times during the ride.

Vortex and Spin Cycle are two popular bowl slides at the water park.

A wave pool at the water park is called the Kahuna Lagoon which produces waves of up to 6 feet high whilst for surfing enthusiasts, Flowrider allows you to ride the waves both on a surfboard or simply lying down. 

For families with younger children, there’s Pharaoh’s Phortress which has 8 smaller water slides, fountains, a water tipping bucket and spray guns.
Other attractions at the water park include a climbing wall and a bungee jump.

And, in spite of the water park often having to play second fiddle to the resort’s core winter activities, it has won many amusement park awards in its own right.


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