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Zoos: Brevard Zoo – a Potted History

Brevard Zoo is set in 50 acres of land and is a zoo located near Melbourne, Florida.

The zoo opened in 1994 after a small group of local influential community leaders, led by a Florida-based publisher, Frank Vega, had the vision to want to create a space where people could not only get closer to wildlife and nature but also one which would serve as a place which would reflect their passion for conservation and to remind people of the rich diversity of life. 

With the effort of some of the leading aerospace companies who came up with the architectural design for the zoo and land donated by A.Duda and Sons, as well as financial and other assistance from county commissioners and others, the zoo began to take shape.

In 2009, the zoo was home to almost 600 animals with species from North and South America as well as Africa and Australia. The zoo is divided up into 4 main loops – Wild Florida, Expedition Africa, Australia/Asia and La Selva. 

Wild Florida features alligators, crocodiles, otters and bobcats as well as many other species. It is also home to the, almost extinct, Red Wolf and visitors get the opportunity to see demonstrations of these animals feeding. Not all the species are fed on the same day so check before you go. This section of the zoo also gives you the opportunity to kayak within a natural wetland environment.

More guided kayaking tours at the zoo can be obtained within Expedition Africa, where staff will show you the giraffes, ostriches and white rhino. There is even an observation deck from where you can see the giraffes feeding at eye level. 

On the way into the Australia/Asia ‘loop’ from Expedition Africa, you can see the siamang gibbons and within Australia/Asia itself, you’ll experience wallaby, emu, and red kangaroo and there’s even a free-flight aviary.

Big cat lovers at the zoo will enjoy La Selva which is home to the black jaguar as well as tamarins, iguanas, a cavy and a capybara. There’s also a vulture exhibit. Lemurs live on their own island at the zoo and you can explore this part of the zoo by taking the Cape to Cairo express train ride around the island.

Such was the passion for the zoo, that back in 1992, it boasted ‘the World’s Largest Ever Volunteer Community Build’ when over 16, 000 people offered to give their free time to help build it and this continued support and financial assistance helps to maintain and improve it.

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