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Zoos: Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch – a Potted History

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Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch is located on 126 acres of spectacular land at Pilot Point in North Texas, near to Lake Roberts in Denton County.

The wildlife ranch’s mission is to give the North Texas community and other visitors the opportunity to experience rare and endangered wildlife close up and, in many cases, to offer a unique ‘hands-on’ experience.

The wildlife ranch was designed, built and fabricated by local resident Scott Edwards as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the community of North Texas. It is still an ongoing ‘work in progress’.

At any one time, you’ll get to experience around 130 different animals at the wildlife ranch. These include different species of deer and lemurs and you will also see buffalo, kangaroos, wallabies, horses, zebra, buffalo and macaws to name but a few.

There are several different programmes at the ranch giving both adults and children the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ experience of conservation projects and of working with the animals where you’ll learn all about their behaviour and how they can be managed in the wild and in captivity humanely under the expert guidance of the ranch’s keepers.

A very popular event for the children is the wildlife ranch’s annual summer camp programme where children who love the outdoors and like to get dirty work with both visitors and staff on both educational and conservation activities.

In addition to the animals at the wildlife ranch, you can also enjoy the Safari Tram and bucket train rides and there are several outside dining areas to complete a memorable fun-packed day at this wildlife ranch where not only do you get to learn all about animal management but you can get to experience what it’s actually like to care for them.

The wildlife ranch also offers field trips, private tours and is also available for rental for both large and small events.

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