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Zoos: The Sequoia Park Zoo – a Potted History

The Sequoia Park Zoo is a small zoo located in Eureka in northern California.

It has been operating since 1907, and although it is on a relatively small scale compared to many other zoos, it has gained recognition as being a very important educational and recreational resource in northwest California, given that it is the only Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited zoos on the Pacific coast between the cities of San Francisco and Portland in the state of Oregon. 

Its main zoo facility is home to a black bear, spider monkeys, gibbons and flamingos. The zoo also contains a Barnyard where younger children love to interact with sheep, donkeys, goats, chickens, rabbits and llamas. Here, children can help to groom the animals and you can even help with milking Nellie the ‘pretend’ goat.  You can also take a ride on a tractor. There is also a walk-through aviary at the zoo featuring both local and tropical birds.

Education, conservation and an understanding and respect for animals is very much at the forefront of the zoo’s mission and there is an educational facility at the front of the zoo called the ‘Secrets of the Forest’ which gives children the opportunity to learn all about the animals and other living organisms that can be found in the nearby redwood forests.

The zoo is run as a not for profit organisation by the City of Eureka and its Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation gives huge support through its fundraising and public awareness campaigns. In fact, after 100 years of existence, the zoo only started charging admission entry in 2008. Its gift shop and cafe also help to keep money coming in. 

One of the greatest testimonies to this zoo can be highlighted by the sad death of Bill the Chimpanzee in 2007.  As one of the favourite animals of the zoo, he had lived there for 50 years and died at the ripe old age of 62. This remarkable achievement goes to show just how well cared for the animals are at this small, but extremely popular zoo. Bill is believed to have been one of the oldest living Chimpanzees in the history of their captivity. 

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