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2008 Director’s Report Highlights National Park Service Activities


There are more national parks than you’ve heard of, and there is more to the National Park Service than parks.  Want to find out the whole story?  Check out the National Park Service 2008 Director’s Report for highlights of what the agency’s 23, 188 employees accomplished with a $2.7 billion budget last year.

“Nearly 100 years ago, the American people entrusted us with the care of our nation’s most special places, ” said National Park Service Director Mary A. Bomar.  “Each year, Congress renews this trust by providing funds to carry out our mission in nearly 400 national parks and in community preservation and recreation projects across the country.  The 2008 Director’s Report includes some of our best work, the accomplishments of our employees, our volunteers, and our partners who together ensure that we live up to this trust each and every day.”

The 60-page report opens with a statistical breakdown of National Park Service activities by state. Did you know that national parks in California have almost 20 million items in their museum collections?  Or that Iowa has 24 national historic landmarks?  Or that New York has more than 5, 000 listings on the National Register of Historic Places?  

Photographs and brief narratives provide information about the variety of preservation activities, special events, green projects, conservation efforts, and employee and volunteer accomplishments that took place in parks and associated areas last year.
The National Park Service 2008 Director’s Report is online at  Press and media can request printed copies by calling (202)208-6843 or e-mailing

Contacts: David Barna or Kathy Kupper (202)208-6843

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