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Alcorn McBride, Inc. – Theme Park Design Workshop Reveals Imagineering Secrets


Have you ever gone to a theme park and wondered, "How did they do that?" Now you can find out, in Theme Park Design Workshop. This online class explores everything about the design of theme park attractions, and provides students with tips on how to become an imagineer.

The course is taught by Steve Alcorn, Chief Executive Officer of Alcorn McBride Inc., a company that engineers equipment for theme parks all over the world. "For over twenty years I’ve been having great fun bringing hundreds — perhaps thousands — of attractions to life all over the world, " says Mr. Alcorn. "Now it’s my students’ turn to do the designing."

As apprentice theme park engineers, students learn about architecture, ride control, show control, audio, video, acoustics, lighting, mechanics, hydraulics, figure animation, art direction, set design and more. They use that knowledge to design their own park and its attractions, and to determine what it would take to build that park.

The resources that accompany each lesson point them towards companies that do theme park design, industry trade organizations, plus interesting sites about roller coasters, haunted houses and other attractions.

Every step of the way students post their ideas in lesson discussion areas, where their fellow classmates and Mr. Alcorn comment on them and make suggestions. The classroom is always open, day or night. In fact, it’s a lot like real theme park engineering — with enough Twinkies and coffee they can work 24 hours a day.

"Fortunately it doesn’t take anything like that to get the most out of this course, " says Mr. Alcorn. "But they may find it’s so much fun they’ll want to stock up on Twinkies anyway."

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