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Amusement Park Rides: ITEC Entertainment Launches New Dark Ride, “MonStars of Rock”


ITEC Entertainment Corporation, Orlando, Florida, a leader in the themed entertainment industry, launched MonStars of Rock, a dark ride located within Freestyle Music Park (formerly Hard Rock Park), in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Riders will experience soul-soaring music, freaky chills and plenty of laughter as ITEC’s leading-edge audio, visual and multi-media effects reveal the story of celebrity-inspired monster musicians whose band cuts loose with their wildest concert ever.

ITEC Entertainment Corporation, Orlando, Florida, one of the world’s leading companies in themed entertainment design, technology and production, announced the completion of MonStars of Rock, a hip and spooky ride located within Freestyle Music Park (formerly Hard Rock Park), a 55-acre, music-oriented theme park located in Myrtle Beach, S.C. that opened on Memorial Day, 2009.

MonStars of Rock’s fright festival invites the entire family to a monster-style reunion concert complete with humorous, yet scary ghouls and zombies reminiscent of dearly departed rock stars. This immersive Guest Experience combines dynamic, state-of-the-art audio, visual, lighting, and animation with an inventive, comical storyline that leaves riders breathless and beaming.

Tasked with the challenging goal of creating equal appeal for children, teens and adults, ITEC Entertainment called on its experienced, creative staff to craft a story that allows for nonstop moments of humor and gruesome monster antics woven artfully with custom- designed visual effects and soul-soaring rock music. Targeted gags, popular culture references and meticulously created sound effects are part of the MonStars package, designed to delight Guests of all ages.

ITEC Entertainment spared no creativity while assembling the many exciting scenes that take guests through a wild and wacky MonStars concert night. From the "shower scene" shenanigans of musical star characters such as "Skins" (think Frankenstein’s Monster a la Elvis) to the ghoulish humor of the "Second Hand Shop" (where "second hands" are literally available for purchase) to the multi-media effects in scenes such as the climactic, all-monstars-unleashed rock concert, ITEC’s creative team has designed and delivered a masterful dark ride experience.

Freestyle Music Park is a standout project in the world of themed entertainment today", said Bill Coan, President of ITEC Entertainment. "We are thrilled to be a part of Freestyle Park International’s premier theme park project, and applaud the quality of operations and leadership supplied by Steve Baker and Baker Leisure Group", added Bill.

About ITEC Entertainment 

ITEC Entertainment Corporation’s mission is to deliver unparalleled, comprehensive development services to create the best themed entertainment experiences in the world! The company specializes in the master planning, creative design, development and delivery of projects for the themed entertainment, recreation, leisure and retail industries. Within these industries, ITEC is heralded for innovative ideas and technologies that are combined in unique ways to result in themed attractions, restaurants, retail shopping, recreation facilities, resorts, exhibits and related projects worldwide.

Since its founding in 1985, ITEC has established a reputation for excellence in entertainment design, one-of-a-kind technology solutions and the ability to build and produce each project from the Client’s first creative thought through to a smooth opening day. For more information visit, or call Trisha Loubier at 407-226-0200.

About Freestyle Music Park 

Freestyle Music Park is a 55-acre Park located in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and is owned and operated by FPI MB Entertainment LLC (FPI MBE). Freestyle Music Park has more than 50 attractions for music fans of all ages, including roller coasters, shows, children’s play areas, restaurants, cafes and retail stores, a multi-purpose live music amphitheatre and an ultra-modern sound system, creating a totally immersive full day experience. 

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