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Amusement Parks: Jora Vision restyles family park “Drievliet“ in Holland


“Drievliet” near The Hague is one of the most loved parks of its kind in Holland. 

The park opened in 1937 and has since evolved from an ordinary playground with slides, swings and seesaws into a full-fledged attraction park with roller coasters, rides, a ghost train etc. etc. The attractions were added to the park without central themes, so the park became a ragbag without a clear style. To keep up with the times, it has become necessary to upgrade the park.
Designing and developing themed parks and attractions is the strength of Jora Vision. Last year, the Dutch company of Jan Maarten de Raad won the prestigious TEA award for “The Forgotten Mine”, a hundred percent themed mini golf course, situated in a mining environment. Two years ago, together with the management of “Drievliet”, Jora Vision started a programme that will ultimately result in a completely restyled park with themes and a recognizable branding.

The restyling is already noticeable, since Jora Vision has already “pimped” several attractions, playhouses and food & beverages kiosks. Jora Vision also improved the “all-weather” quality of the park by constructing awnings at buildings and point of sales, and by covering the waiting areas for the attractions. 

The effects of the upgrading programme are best illustrated by comparing “pre-pimping” pictures with the “post-pimping” situation. The effect of the make over is really amazing and has lead to many positive reactions, especially of children. The “Turbo Star” for instance, has undergone a real metamorphosis and now is a quite different experience.
Even frequent visitors did not recognize it! Also the “Old Mc Donalds Tractor Ride” was a very calm, not very exciting tour, and has now become very popular. It even has large as live cows and goats on the roofs of the carts. 

According to the management of “Drievliet” the continuing facelift of the park is essential in keeping the park attractive and competitive, compared to other leisure activities.

The pimping projects of Jora Vision

New station building "Dynamite Express"
Restyling "El Loco Ride"

Redecorating “Jungle River”
Reconstructing front of building “Jungele Star”
Total restyling and redecorating “Turbo Star”
Restyling "Pirate Swing"

Reconstructing front of  “Ghost Train” building
Reconstructing front of Dodgem car attraction
Upgrading Candy Floss Kiosk
Restyling Entry platform Monorail
Reconstructing front of “Cinemagic” building
Upgrading “Old Mc Donalds Tractor Ride”

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