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Amusement Rides: Newest Coaster Technology Unveiled at Skara Sommarland, Sweden by S&S Worldwide


New coaster is the first of its kind on the planet!

The innovative team at S&S Worldwide has introduced the first of what it believes will be its successful line of “Free Fly” longitudinally spinning coasters, with the grand opening of “Tranan” at Skara Sommarland in June.

S&S has created an entirely new, patented coaster concept where the riders are offset and suspended from the outside edges of the vehicle. As the coaster glides through the ride elements, the passengers feel they are flying, while enjoying the exciting sensation of the open and exposed seating. A ride the whole family can enjoy, “Tranan” has a unique air suspension system that gives the passengers a beautifully smooth feeling of flight. Coaster enthusiasts are raving about this coaster, and they have recognized the same world-class engineering that brought the industry the world’s fastest coaster and the magnificent X2.

“Skara Sommarland was looking to add a new and different family coaster, and we were pleased to be able to offer them our new ‘Free Fly’ product. We have created a coaster that is as exciting to ride as it is to watch, ” said Kevin Rohwer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for S&S Worldwide, Inc. “This new coaster offers great capacity, a smooth-riding family experience, the unique excitement of our longitudinally spinning vehicles, and the ability to be themed to suit any amusement park’s needs. We have enjoyed working with Skara Sommarland, and we have appreciated their willingness to be the first to install an entirely new and perhaps radical coaster concept.”

“Tranan” has a track length of 370.4 m (1, 215 ft.) and a lift height of 18.3 m (60 ft.). It has excellent passenger capacity, with four eight-passenger vehicles and a theoretical capacity of 960 passengers per hour. It features the S&S-designed, patented offset longitudinally spinning vehicles (wherein passengers rotate around the track’s centerline in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction) and suspension system, and provides the safety of friction brakes and locked and monitored seat belt restraints. “Tranan” travels at 40 mph with a maximum G-Force of +3.2, and its ride cycle is 64 seconds.

About S&S Worldwide, Inc

The company was founded by Stan Checketts, a true pioneer in the amusement industry, who led the company’s growth, centered its position as an industry leader, and built an exceptional team to ensure the company’s continued success. The recent changes in the management team will provide the
leadership and resources to carry on the company’s domestic and international growth, based on the underlying principle upon which it was founded by
Checketts, to provide the amusement industry with thrilling, high-quality rides the entire family can enjoy.

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