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Bobbejaanland opens Banana Battle. Adventure and Water Fun Guaranteed!


Amid massive interest, Bobbejaanland has presented its very latest attraction, the "Banana Battle". The press and invited guests, including some famous faces, tackled this new adventure together with their children, and some of them ended up drenched in the process.


The Banana Battle is an interactive boat trip where, together with 3 adventurous friends, you set off in a boat navigating the mysterious River Amazon. You have a water cannon with which you can hit various targets. A good thing too, because you will be waylaid from all sides by monkeys, snakes and crocodiles that want to drench you with spray. You have to be fast and hit them first, because then they are put out of action – at least for the time being. But watch out, the danger does not only come from the jungle: the people in the other boats also turn against you and start a tremendous water battle. It is up to you to defend yourselves and fire back at them!


What is special about this attraction is the way it is set up: the Banana Battle is a "dark ride", in other words the first indoor "splash battle" ever.  The attraction is situated in the brand-new, completely themed area, the Banana Jungle, a primeval forest of some 2, 500 m², completely under cover.  With 300 seats, it is the busiest catering outlet in the park. It is next to the Bamboo Bar, where you can eat a healthy snack or just take a break. You will find the Banana Jungle in front of the former entrance of the Revolution, which has been modified to match the Banana Jungle theme.


“We built the Banana Battle first and foremost because water attractions are still the most popular attractions among our visitors. Judging by the first reactions, the Banana Battle is guaranteed to be a success", says an enthusiastic Rudi Rasschaert, General Manager of Bobbejaanland. “This splash ride has everything: adventure, a battle, fun in the water, a great setting and so much fun. We are tremendously proud to be able to offer this adventure to our visitors, mainly because Bobbejaanland is the only park in Belgium that has an attraction like this".


The Banana Battle has a capacity of 700 people per hour, is 110 metres long and lasts about 5 minutes. An investment of 3 million euro went into the new attraction.


Practical information:


Info: +32 (0) 14 / 55 78 11







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