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Cantilevered Coaster Systems Announces an Alliance with Setpoint Inc. to Commercialize the Cantilevered Roller Coaster System.


Cantilevered Coaster Systems (CCS) announced an alliance with Setpoint Inc. to commercialize the Cantilevered Roller Coaster system through the introduction of a small to medium-size ride package. This initial ride system will have a capacity of 1000 guests/hour utilizing two-place or four-place ride vehicles, and will be based on one of two possible track configurations.

With the multi-axis accelerations available through the Cantilevered mechanism, CCS and Setpoint believe that a dynamic and novel coaster ride can be produced without having to operate at high speeds, and thus lend itself for use in family oriented rides while still maintaining an exciting “edge.” The anticipated cost of the system package will be priced within a range of $4-$6 million. CCS and Setpoint feel that through the initial development of a more “restrained” ride, larger and faster systems can be more easily evolved.

The first of the two track layouts under consideration is a semi-flat, constant-drive configuration, cresting a lift-hill at one or more points allowing for higher speed coasting segments, and lending itself to themed environment, dark-ride/coaster style attractions. The second layout is a “wild mouse” style configuration employing a single lift hill for higher speeds, and being more of a classic iron-ride product with a tighter track layout doubling back on itself several times. Utilizing this layout in conjunction with the CRC’s vertical and lateral ranges of motion, various thrilling and perilous head and side-knocker “close calls” will be created.

Cantilevered Coaster Systems is the home of the Cantilevered Roller Coaster (CRC) created by John Hogg. The CRC is a dual-track, dual-chassis flying coaster conceived as a way to get the ride vehicle up and away from the track system, and also as a simpler and less costly alternative to the highly complex and expensive tracked-simulator ride systems currently employed in some the best attractions in the amusements world. 

Setpoint Inc. is a US-based engineering, technology and fabrication firm specializing in showcase solutions for the amusement park industry.  Setpoint’s expertise is in mechanical, electrical, and structural design and analysis. Setpoint also fabricates and commissions complete ride and show systems. Setpoint has over 150 years of amusement ride experience and has directly participated in over 60 major amusement industry projects.

John Hogg
Tel: 310-266-6541


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