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Central Europe’s Largest Indoor Waterpark “Aquaworld, Budapest, Hungary” Opened its Doors


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Another major impressing destination resort project is built in Budapest, Hungary. The Ramada Resort – Aquaworld Budapest complex which is one of the biggest hotel and indoor pool complexes in all Europe, opened its doors in December 2008. The Aquaworld water empire will be Central Europe’s biggest indoor water theme park with 11 slides, 21 pools, a surf pool, a wave pool which is extraordinary even in Europe and further amusement elements will make the complex unique among the touristic attractions of Hungary.

The complex comprises a 261-room Ramada Plaza Hotel, and a separate building with 48 apartments. The focus of the leisure facilities is a 73-metre wide, 21-metre high glass dome. The water park offers a wide variety of attractions, including 21 pools (with total surface of 3, 300 sqm), 11 water slides, a jumping tower, sun terraces, a wave pool and a unique surf pool. After an extensive suppliers search for waterpark part of the project, Eleven Kft, the project manager company of the indoor themed waterpark, slide and amusement elements, water mechanical engineering, visual elements of Aquaworld project, chose to work with Polin Waterparks & Pool Systems. In the indoor adventure pool, 11 slides of a total length of almost 1 km guarantee adventure and entertainment throughout the year. There are totally 11 Polin slides, as we mentioned above: 2 Aquatubes Ø900mm, 2 Blackholes Ø1400mm, Flying Boats 730x1400mm and Tunnel Body Slide Ø1200mm are RTM manufactured slides with a perfectly shiny outside and inside finish. Other than there are spray-up manufactured Space Boat, Wild River, Wide Rafting and Kids’ Body Slide and Kids’ Wide Slides. 

The bravest can take a breathtaking ride from as high as 17 m. The slide tower next to the dome, which is the entry point of 6 giant slides, is accessible by glass lift or stairs. About the glass elevator to the tower, it is something unique in waterparks. There is a glass panoramic elevator to the slide tower in which the riders will have the chance to have an overall view of the park while climbing up. Plus, there is another elevator system for the tubes. The sliding elements are taken back to launch level by a special conveyor-belt-type elevator system. There is also a wide slide big enough to accommodate three slides side by side; an onion slide offering a shorter but all the more intensive experience, and a 180 m mountain river flanked with steep rocks, designed expressly for the most adventuresome. Polin has specially designed child-friendly spaces that offers highly enjoyable and safe aquatic experiences to the youngest. Families with young children will love the kids’ world, in a separate wing from the dome area, with a pool of different depths, kids’ slides, a playhouse and a changing room. 

The kids’ event room is an excellent venue for birthday and other parties and events. In the summer, there are further pools, playgrounds and playhouses open for the youngest in the park of Aquaworld, and they can watch the waterside fauna and flora from the bridge over the garden lake or the walkway leading to it. Given its location and services, Aquaworld project has every chance to become a priority domestic and international tourist/leisure destination and a popular meeting point of the residents of the capital and its surroundings.

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