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Dataton’s WATCHOUT Show Control AV Technology a Perfect Fit for Indonesian Weddings


Dataton have announced that they are to supply WATCHOUT, their unique audio visual, show control technology, to Lasika Productions of Indonesia for use in the wedding sector.

“I do! I do! I do!” – across multiple screens

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WATCHOUT allows images to be blended seamlessly from a number of sources on almost any type of display, including super-large and angled screens. The audio visual product has been used in countless projects worldwide, but perhaps none so exciting as wedding parties.

Lasika Productions, based in Surabaya, eastern Indonesia, produces around 15 wedding parties per week and is the biggest audio visual rental company in the area. The growing demand for multimedia content in the wedding industry has led Lasika to introduce new services tailored to meet the needs of even the most elaborate wedding party.

According to Lasiko’s managing director, Stephanus Nugroho, couples know exactly what they want in terms of what they want to achieve creatively, but little technical knowledge that enables them to ask for specific audio visual products.

Large screen displays are popular and tend to use LED walls and it’s often necessary to use a number of screens to achieve the desired effect. For this reason, Nugroho goes on to explain, WATCHOUT from Dataton is always used.

Typically, audio visual equipment used for a wedding party can include a number of motorised LED modules which create different displays throughout the day. These move up and down and can include motorised curtains which allow for different image sizes.

This is where WATCHOUT’s unique show control technology comes in as it ensures that the displays are synchronised at all times and also seamlessly controls audio, lighting and any further elements in the show.

Datatons WATCHOUT Show Control AV Technology a Perfect Fit for Indonesian Weddings Pink Ballroom

Displays can be confined to one room or additional visuals can be set up in reception rooms and even outside of the building in which the wedding party is located. This involves the use of special outdoor LED screens which can be configured curved or flat and is a popular way to greet guests as they arrive.

Recently, the entire façade of a building has been used to create a “dynamic, animated backdrop for multiple projected images.”

“In either case, we again use WATCHOUT to combine the images seamlessly together and ensure consistent geometry and synchronisation, ” Nugroho went on to explain.

“From humble beginnings as an audio manufacturer and rental company, Lasika Productions has successfully diversified to become the most innovative supplier of multimedia entertainment in its region. With its ability to sync different media together seamlessly and to a common timecode, WATCHOUT is the perfect fit not just for Lasika’s company skill-set but also for the ever-increasing demands of Indonesia’s wedding couples, ” Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director at Dataton, said.

“We are delighted that our products are being used so inventively, and in ways which make an already special day even more memorable for hundreds of newly-weds and their many thousands of invited guests throughout Indonesia.”

WATCHOUT will be on show at the Dataton stand F10-01 at this year’s InfoComm China, which will be taking place at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing from April 11-13 2012.

 Images: copyrighted to Lasika Productions


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