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Debit card systems : Coin Tech is ready to make a strike at Bowl Expo 2010


There is no doubts that the first semester of this year has been very exciting, new products were launched and the world economic crisis is no longer in the news or in the balance sheets either.

The Bowl Expo 2010, which will take place in Las Vegas from June27th until July 1st is a great chance for Coin Tech to share the excellent results of an extensive R&D investment. Six months back the Xperience card reader was introduced and its unique features set a new standard for all the Debit Card manufacturers. Later this year a new concept was born: Ticket Jackpot, the new way to raise your incomes more than your best redemption machine.

Join us at Booth #912 and check the upcoming releases of Coin Tech and the specific solutions for the Bowling Industry that Game system offers.
Install Game System and make a perfect game!!

About Coin Tech

Since 1992 we have been developing and improving a debit card system for FECs called Game System®. This cashless solution composed of a suite of products like Corporate System (centralized operation), Redemption System, POS System (food, beverage, retail, ticketing, etc.), Party Package (Events planning and reservation module), etc.

Operators all over the world are using the Game System’s effective and unique marketing tools that lead their operation to success; Loyalty program, Birthday mailing, Bonus, Bonus +, Redemption e-Tickets, Game-Time, Credit-Combo, Electronic Money, Gift Cards, etc.

Wireless communication, state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassable support service makes Game System the cashless system leader in the amusement industry.

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