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Decision to Name Much-Anticipated New Attraction (Night Parade) “Magical Starlight Parade” The Nights at Universal Studios Japan® will Undergo Remarkable Transformation as of March 2009


Nights at the Park will sparkle as the world of fairy tales “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ” “Arabian Nights” and “Cinderella” fantasized by everyone unfolds.

Universal Studios Japan has set March as the grand opening of the night parade that is to be launched as a new attraction in commemoration of the Park’s 8th anniversary in March and has decided to name the attraction “Magical Starlight Parade.”

This “Magical Starlight Parade” will be led by the glittering floats of Elmo from Sesame Street, Snoopy and Hello Kitty, and these popular Park characters will play the role of introducing the “fairy tale” that is to follow to guests.

This will be followed by over 30 gigantic floats adorning colorful illuminations utilizing the latest lighting technologies, along with entertainers dressed in dazzling costumes. These floats will be based on the theme of fairy tales fantasized by everyone like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ” “Arabian Nights” and “Cinderella.” The “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” floats will represent imagination, the “Arabian Nights” floats will represent adventure and the “Cinderella” floats will represent romance. Universal Studios Japan anticipates this attraction will provide guests with an opportunity to experience the dreamy feeling likened to as if they had wandered into a fairy-tale world, and also simultaneously savor the inspiration possessed by the fairy tales themselves as well as the sensation of the performance being displayed right in front of their eyes.

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