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Dinosaurs to Invade Chester Zoo


Dinosaurs will come to life at Chester Zoo this summer in what promises to be one of the most exciting and groundbreaking exhibits ever seen in a UK zoo.

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The new exhibition, featuring 13 life-sized mechanical replicas of the creatures that roamed the earth 200 million years ago, will open in July.

Featuring realistic movements and sounds, the dinosaurs will include the giant apatosaurus, with its distinctive long neck and whip-like tail; the evil-looking dilophosaurus, with its long, sharp claws and the infamous tyrannosaurus rex, the most feared land predator of all time.

The animated robots will be part of an outdoor trail called Dinosaurs at Large! and will show visitors exactly what it would have been like to get close to such huge beasts.

The event, which also aims to spread the message that once a creature is gone, it is gone forever, will run from 1st July until 8th October and will be open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm.

What: Dinosaurs at Large! – See 13 life-sized and incredibly realistic animatronic dinosaurs for the first time ever in a UK Zoo.

When:  Open from 1st July 2011 to 8th October 2011; 10am – 6pm.

Where:  Chester Zoo, Upton-by-Chester, Chester, CH2 1LH (SAT NAV CH2 1EU).

Cost: Dinosaurs at Large! is free of charge to all visitors to the zoo.

About Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo is a registered conservation charity and supports projects around the world and closer to home in Cheshire. Welcoming 1.3 million visitors a year, it is the largest zoo in the UK; home to 7000 animals, 400 different species, many of which are endangered.

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