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Disney Aspire: education programme for Disney employees

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The Walt Disney Company is today launching Disney Aspire – a new education programme for hourly employees with a range of subjects and tuition paid upfront.

Disney Aspire will offer opportunities to over 80,000 hourly Cast Members and employees of the Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company will cover all of tuition costs upfront. It will also reimburse application fees and   required books and materials. Staff will also have flexibility in their studies. They can study things that are not related to their role at the company.

In January, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced an initial $50 million investment in an education initiative that would be aimed specifically at The Walt Disney Company’s hourly workforce.

He said: “I have always believed that education is the key to opportunity. It opens doors and creates new possibilities.” jayne parker disney aspire

Jayne Parker, senior executive vice president & chief HR officer for The Walt Disney Company, said she was “proud” of the launch.

She also said: “We are constantly looking at ways to help people realize their ambitions and fulfill their dreams, this program is the latest in that effort. Personally, I’m very excited to see what our Cast Members and employees accomplish with this opportunity.”

“The sky’s the limit!”

Disney Aspire will include a network of schools that offer a wide array of disciplines and diplomas. Cast Members and employees will be able to study college and master’s degrees, high school equivalency, English-language learning, vocational training and more.

The Walt Disney Company has also partnered with Guild Education, a company that works with adult education. Parker said: “Guild will provide personalized coaching to help all employees and Cast Members that inquire about the program navigate their unique circumstances, from application through completion and through every step along the way.”

Parker concluded: “I know Disney Aspire will enable employees to reach their educational goals and pursue career aspirations—including movement into new roles at Disney, as well as careers outside of the Company. In terms of what employees and Cast Members will achieve with that—all I can say is the sky’s the limit!”

Earlier this month, The Walt Disney Company reported a successful third quarter, with an increase in revenue across the company and within the Parks and Resorts segment.

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