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d’strict to unveil ‘Live Park’, the first user-generated 4D theme park, at Asian Attractions Expo


d’strict, the award winning New York and Seoul based 4D creative company, announced that it will unveil ‘Live Park’ at the Asian Attractions Expo 2011, June 22-24, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore.  ‘Live Park’ is d’strict’s ground breaking theme park entertainment platform in which visitors interact with various 4D adventure platforms to create their own unique adventure, with avatars personalized to reflect facial characteristics. This is a new genre crossing over performance, exhibitions and gaming with its advanced 4D technology. 

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d’strict is proud to be a gold sponsor of the IAAPA Asian Attraction Expo and will present a preview of ‘Live Park’, the world’s first 4D theme park at booth 1301.  Due to be launched in November 2011, ‘Live Park’ is d’strict’s innovative 4D attraction platform consisting of 8 beautifully realized attraction zones comprising 13 adventures, 3 mixed reality performances and 3 mobile and web integration service platforms in a state-of-the-art 3 acre facility.  ‘LivePark’ has a capacity for 250 visitors to simultaneously create their own avatars that guide them through a series of bespoke experiences including multiplayer games, quests, adventures and performances.   

Eunseok Chey, the CEO and Creative Director of d’strict says, “’Live Park’ is a never been seen before, next-generation mixed-reality experience. It’s a global service platform integrating the innovative technologies and creativity of d’strict. ‘Live Park’ represents a significant technological milestone that will completely revolutionize the future theme park model.”

‘Live Park’ is a completely new kind of entertainment platform using the world’s leading convergent and crossover technologies.  Spatial interactive games, mixed reality and hologram performances have been brought together to create an exciting, user-generated experience unlike any other 4D attraction.  What is unique about ‘Live Park’ compared to all other 4D rides is that visitors create their own adventure. ‘Live Park’ enables them to drive the story forward similar to an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), but is both a virtual and tangible real world experience. Smart phones can also be used as controllers in ‘Live Park’. This allows visitors incredible levels of interactivity with the attraction, for instance they can check their accumulated items during the adventure in real-time, and even “throw” items from their smart phones to screen.

‘Live Park’ includes one of the world’s largest 360 degree panoramic 3D screen and a 150m x 9m supersized screen, allowing players to engage in a fully immersive experience via their mobile device.  Mana Sound, an integral part of ‘Live Park’ showcased for the first time during the expo, translates simple body movements simultaneously into beautiful sounds and augmented reality images.  Also at the booth, people will be able to experience d’strict’s Universal Frame, a multi-touch screen ‘Live Park’ platform.

Global media and investment partners will be invited to Korea for an exclusive preview of ‘Live Park’ at the World Premiere Showcase in August 2011, prior to the launch in November 2011.

About d’strict

Founded in 2000, d’strict has become one of the world’s leading 4D creative companies.  Based in New York and Seoul, d’strict has been creating revolutionary, award winning UX products and solutions by bringing together next generation technologies such as gesture and sound sensing, motion capture and vision processing, as well as multi-touch interfaces with future display, R&D outputs including 3D holographic movies, stereoscopic 3D motion video, architectural display and dome displays.

d’strict is the sole distributer, developer, producer, and presenter of the ‘Live Park’ global service, a game changing theme park and entertainment platform in which visitors can physically participate and interact with various 4D adventure platforms.

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