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Electric Power Generation for Theme Park, Town or Remote Airport


A Basic Service now has expanded their range of service to include utilities engineering.
Theme Park power consumption – may cost about 1.5 Million Dollars per year for a moderate size theme park using the traditional power grid. We offer to provide you with your own power grid. You then may sell excess power back to the Power Company or to the local community……

Each nodule provides 70 MW thermal energy or 25 MW electric energy via steam turbine for seven to ten years. This amount of energy provides electricity for 20, 000 average American-style homes or the industrial or infrastructure equivalent. The nodule may be ganged to produce higher output.

After 5 years, removed & refueled at original factory

No greenhouse gases or global warming emissions

Water not used as coolant; cannot go “supercritical” or get too hot 

Buried underground out of sight and harm’s way

Small -1.5 meters across, approx size of a residential “hot tub” 

No mechanical parts in the core to malfunction

After installation – resulting cost of production estimated as 4.5 cents per KW

Typical Diesel Fueled power plant, cost to produce electricity 45 cents per KW.

Point of Contact Roy Propsner, Director general.

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