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“Elvis Rocks” IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo – 4D Attraction Film from The Juice


“Elvis Rocks”: The Juice brings their 3D theatre to IAAPA Asian Attractions Show, booth #619.

Elvis Rocks: The Juice brings their 3D theatre to IAAPA AsiaThe Juice Brand Limited, the global strategic brand management company specialising in the development of 3d/4d/5d films and their associated licensing programs for the entertainment industry, are bringing their latest animated film to IAAPA Asian Attractions Show, June 5-8 in Hong Kong.

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Pauline Quayle,   Director  for  The  Juice  Brand  Limited,   says,   “We  have  been pleased to work with such a famous and legendary icon as Elvis Presley and to have the full support of  Elvis  Presley  Enterprises,   Inc.  to  create  a  film  that  truly  offers  such  wide  appeal.  Uniting generations  and  enabling  them  to  enjoy  a  common  link  through  the  film  has  been  a  goal from the beginning. We are truly grateful to EPE, Inc. for allowing us to have the artistic flair to achieve the ultimate attraction experience.”

Elvis Rocks is a 4D animated attraction film that weaves the iconic music of Elvis with the story of teenage sweethearts Aaron and Mindy and a scheming sheriff.  Aaron undertakes a madcap journey from Memphis to Las Vegas to win back Mindy, accompanied by original soundtracks from the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

“Elvis Rocks” is available for immediate release. 

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