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EMF Laserland: Dream boats put on dream multimedia laser shows for their passengers


The success story of the AIDA Cruises fleet continues. The eighth dream boat took to the oceans this year, while the ninth is already under construction and will be handed over to its owner in 2012. EMF Laserland is always on board as a laser technology and show production partner, having equipped the entire AIDA fleet with EMF Laserland multimedia laser shows over the past 15 years.

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The AIDA fleet has been growing steadily since 1996. Eight ships are already cruising the most beautiful regions of the globe, while the next is under construction. The EMF Laserland team ensures that passengers are kept well entertained. 

Multimedia laser shows on the sun deck and in the ships’ own theatres keep the fun factor high in between trips ashore. The EMF Laserland experts equip the cruise ships with special laser technology, which can withstand extreme climatic conditions as well as direct contact with sea water on the open-air decks. Additional laser show systems which have been specially approved for naval use are installed in the theatres.

EMF Laserland composes the right shows for the respective occasion. The EMF show production team currently creates approx. 45 multimedia laser shows a year to keep passengers royally entertained on board.

EMF Laserland undertakes all aspects of project planning, from a rough sketch of the idea via design and installation all the way to show production, as well as system operation and maintenance. All the shows are designed and produced by the EMF show production team in line with customer specifications.

About EMF Laserland GmbH:

EMF Laserland GmbH boasts over 27 years’ experience in the creation of laser shows and multimedia fountain systems. Cities and theme parks around the globe entertain their visitors with installations created by EMF Laserland. AIDA Cruises has equipped its entire fleet with EMF Laserland multimedia laser shows since 1996. HoloPort, a 3D projection technology capable of creating extremely large-scale 3D projections without the need for 3D glasses, is the latest EMF Laserland development.

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