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Mirage Entertainment is updating the Chimelong Paradise stunt show in Guangzhou, China

As live stunt shows progress from the pure stunt action of yesterday to the complex, effects driven productions of today, audiences demand more high-tech thrills than ever before.  
To meet this demand, Mirage Entertainment is updating the Chimelong Paradise stunt show in Guangzhou, China into an all-new, state-of-the-art spectacular for summer, 2011.   Guangzhou is one of the five largest cities in China and home to several major tourist industry attractions, including the nation’s largest circus, as well as a famous Safari Park and Water park.   
With this renovation of its existing “Danger Island” production, Mirage Entertainment intends to outdo itself in an effort to deliver more excitement and boost park attendance to higher levels than ever before.  The $5, 000, 000 (US) revamp will introduce an impressive new set and the latest in water, ground and aerial stunts to what was already the largest water stunt show in the world.  New story elements, such as robots, biotech weaponry and high-speed car chases are sure to thrill audiences of all ages.  There will also be a new motorcycle trapeze stunt, a 70 foot motorcycle jump and a battery of computer controlled, directional flame cannons, along with the spectacular pyrotechnics, watercraft action and precision stunt work that the amusement industry has come to expect from Mirage Entertainment.   
Most impressively, all this is to be done in only two months (between the close of the existing show in April and the opening of the new show in July).  “It’s an incredibly big project in an incredibly short time frame”, says Production Coordinator James Mead, “but our professionals are up to the task.”  Sr. Vice President of Shows and Attractions for Mirage Entertainment, Bob O’Neill agrees, adding that “Mirage is used to pulling off the impossible.  Whatever obstacles we have to overcome, we’ll do it.  We’ve done it before…and, in the end we’ll deliver a world-class production on time and on budget!  Of course, it’s already a world-class production.  What I should say is that Mirage Entertainment will make its own world-class production even better, more spectacular, than it was before!”
About Mirage Entertainment

Mirage Entertainment Entertainment, Inc. was formed in 1998 and blends decades of specialized live production experience with an entertainment dynasty over 40 years old (Pan Asia.) Mirage Entertainment is comprised of entertainers, coordinators, directors, producers and finance executives from stage, screen and television. Our collective experience and sensitivity to our clients needs allows Mirage Entertainment to adapt our shows from one-night events to the largest live productions in the world.

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