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Audiovisual Technology: Dataton launches new Version 5 of WATCHOUT at InfoComm 2011


Stereoscopic playback, 3D effects, and iPad control are just a few of the hot new features

Dataton is delighted to announce the release of version 5 of WATCHOUT, the company’s flagship multi-display production and playback system. Making its global debut at InfoComm 11 in Orlando, the eagerly awaited new version offers a whole host of hot new features.

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Fully scalable, software-based and requiring no proprietary hardware, Dataton WATCHOUT™ already orchestrates still images, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds into a single impressive show across multiple display areas, either soft-edge blended or scattered. Now version 5 takes this capability to a higher level by adding new features that meet the latest demands of event designers, systems integrators and end customers.

“This new version represents a huge leap forward, perhaps the greatest since WATCHOUT was launched back in 2000, ” says Fredrik Svahnberg, International  Marketing and Communications Manager at Dataton. “The improvements to WATCHOUT are a result of the direct feedback and requests from our partner base in creating presentations for today’s requirements and future requirements.  Presentations have never been more creative, accessible or as easy to utilize.” 

3D effects and stage preview 

Prominent among the upgraded feature set is a new 3D Effects and Stage Preview option. WATCHOUT version 5 lets you position and rotate all media objects in 3D space. What’s more, with 3D motion paths images and video fly through space any way you want. The preview can be rotated to view the stage from the most appropriate vantage point, all while staying true to the simplicity and ease of use that’s the hallmark of WATCHOUT.

Stereoscopic playback 

Still on the 3D theme, version 5 is also the first iteration of WATCHOUT to offer seamless stereoscopic playback. Since WATCHOUT already knows about all the 3D aspects of any presentation through its award-winning user interface, stereoscopic projection comes along for the ride, with little or no additional production effort. 

Let’s get interactive 

Version 5 also allows shows driven by WATCHOUT to be opened up to more interaction, allowing users to not only position, rotate and move all media objects in 3D, but also for these tools to be used interactively. WATCHOUT understands virtually any kind of device or external system, allowing you to connect sensors and control sources – like iPads – directly to on-screen elements such as images, video, live feeds and more. 

Multiple outputs 

WATCHOUT is also keeping pace with the latest developments in computer and graphics hardware. Version 5 now offers support for multi-head output cards, meaning that up to six displays can now be driven off one suitably equipped computer, all using a single WATCHOUT license.

“We are really proud to showcase the new version at InfoComm and open up so many creative possibilities for WATCHOUT producers all over the world, ” adds Svahnberg. 

For more information on each of the new features see below:

Live and interactive with WATCHOUT version 5: Dataton WATCHOUT™ version 5 opens up for even more dynamic presentations with continuously updated, live content on screen.

In the new version of WATCHOUT a single server can provide multiple images at the same time, accessible from any number of WATCHOUT displays. That means users can enter text straight into their presentations or collect and show live data such as RSS feeds, databases, web services, voting systems as live graphics.

Fredrik Svahnberg, International Marketing and Communications Manager at Dataton comments: “A great way of using our media server application is in an audience poll with a voting system to immediately show the results. You can even have a photographer out taking images of the audience and immediately have them on screen, or maybe add visitors’ tweets to a show.”

iPad control with new WATCHOUT version 5 from Dataton: Throughout InfoComm, Dataton will be hosting hourly educational seminars on the new version 5 of Dataton WATCHOUT™ which now has Apple iPad control. 

“On the InfoComm booth this year, we will be demonstrating the interactive show control features with the iPad, taking pictures with it and putting them on screen and demonstrating what can be done in the live production and presentation environment, ” says Fredrik Svahnberg, International Marketing and Communications Manager at Dataton.

Producers are now able to use inputs to WATCHOUT to control virtually everything, from video to audio effects, for completely interactive presentations. External sensors, control systems, or other input devices (such as iPhone or iPad) can be used to control the 3D position of images and video on stage. It also allows for the image to be scaled and rotated live.

Users are now able to map any input to an axis of control, thus making the system easily adaptable to a wide range of control sources.

“This is big news for makers and users of proprietary control panels and we expect version 5 to be a tremendous success, ” adds Svahnberg.

In the driving seat: multiple heads for Dataton WATCHOUT version 5: Cost effective output for 2D and 3D displays

With the advent of version 5, Dataton WATCHOUT™ software underlines its position as the most cost-effective solution for today’s media and display professionals.

“As computers and graphics hardware become increasingly powerful, WATCHOUT is keeping up with the pace and letting users tap into the full potential of their available hardware investment, ” says Fredrik Svahnberg, International Marketing and Communications Manager at Dataton.

It’s now possible to drive up to six displays off a single computer – depending on hardware capabilities – using one WATCHOUT license. A single computer can also drive both channels for stereoscopic projection.

The good news for producers is that they can use all six outputs together as part of one large show. Each display can be placed freely on the Stage, and fully supports all the standard capabilities such as display density, rotation and edge blending.

The multiple heads capability is complemented by the Auxiliary Timeline feature, whereby each display can run its own separate timeline, for extremely cost-effective, multi-display installations.

Launched at InfoComm 2011, WATCHOUT version 5 is a multi-display, timeline-based  software system that comprises stereoscopic playback and 3D effects, and a strong array of groundbreaking features, including enhanced live interaction. 

About Dataton

Renowned Swedish show control developer and manufacturer, Dataton has firmly established themselves on the international market since the 1980s.  The company’s flagship products include the award-winning Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-display production and presentation system as well as the intuitive Dataton PICKUP™ audio guide. WATCHOUT version 5 is a multi-display, timeline-based  software system that comprises stereoscopic playback and 3D effects, and a strong array of groundbreaking features, including enhanced live interaction. 


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