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Waterplay Solutions: New Waterplay Features make a Splash with Kids of all Ages


Waterplay has done it again. With three significant product releases already under its belt in the past 12 months, the aquatic play industry leader continues the expansion of engaging and stylish products with the introduction of the Waterleaf and an exciting set of new toddler features.

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Designed to engage and amuse the younger children on their own level, the new toddler play features all comprise a rotating section thatcan be spun by waterplayers, much like the revolution series released last fall.“It is important to design water play features that facilitate the development of motor skills and stimulate imaginative play engaging toddlers in a way that allows them to relate. Thismeans considering the world from their vantage point and allowing them to explore the water without intimidation, ” explained Product Manager Cory Forrest. Children of this age will appreciate that these components offer softer spray effects and avoid anyradical watery surprises; they incorporate simple yet sophisticated shapes thatchildren will recognize and can include custom graphics or various nozzles to adaptto a variety of aquatic play pad themes.

Additional to the durable stainless steel fabrication thatis standard in Waterplay’s product line, it has now incorporated acrylicin some of the new designs delivering a unique aesthetic look and capitalizing on the different manufacturing options available. “When water travels down a channel carved into this sturdy clear material, the result is a smooth stream of water instead of a pressurized spray;” said Forrest“meaning designers and children can both enjoy more variety and diversity when it comes to water effects within aquatic play pads.” This materialis used in two of the toddler features as well as the new Waterleaf whichstands more than ten feet tall and personifies the stylish curvy aesthetic for which Waterplay is becoming known.

About Waterplay Solutions Corp.

Waterplay has been innovating aquatic playsince 1987, longer than any other supplier in the industry. They are a globalcompany offering a full line of aquatic play features, slide activity centres, urban water features, aquatic fitness equipment and water treatment systems andare noted for having superior quality products and service.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Neilson
Director, Sales & Marketing
1.250.712.3393 / 1.800.590.5552

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