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EMPEX WATERTOYS® Introduces their latest concept: “AQUACIRCUS®”


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Empex Watertoys®has created a new line of interactive watertoys under the trademark "Aquanetics™" where the kids can turn a hand wheel and produce different sprays, water flows, and kinetic effects such as turning pelton wheels, spinners, gears and pinwheels to create a zany effect of water motion.

Aquawizz™, Aquanoodle™, Aquaswirl™ and Aquamill™ are four new structures in the Aquanetic line.

Incorporating several Aquanetic structures in a new expanded curvilinear Aquadek, Empex creates their latest concept, the "Aquacircu®".  This is a climb and slide structure which provides a myriad of different slide experiences and creative interactive activity. Complete with " Aquaclunes™ ", creative spray clowns and Aquatons® spray features around the structure, the resulting  visual is as much zany fun for the players as it is for the spectators.


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