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E&S Exclusive Fulldome and Planetarium Distributor of National Geographic’s Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure


Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S®) (NASDAQ: ESCC) announced that E&S will be the exclusive distributor of National Geographic’s award-winning giant screen film Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure for Fulldome and Planetarium Digital Theaters. Available in both 2D and 3D versions for all fulldome and planetarium theaters, the film tells the story of “Dolly, ” a curious and adventurous marine dinosaur scientifically known as a dolichorynchops, who lived in the Late Cretaceous period. As Dolly travels through the stages of her life, experiencing the world from her spot near the bottom of the food chain, she encounters such fellow marine creatures as long-necked pleisosaurs, giant turtles, ferocious, flippered crocs, fierce sharks, and the most dangerous “sea monsters” of all, the mosasaurs. Using a combination of both live-action and state-of-the art CGI to make the story come alive on the giant screen, the film immerses audiences into Dolly’s world. Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is both highly entertaining and educational and has screened (and continues to screen) to enthusiastic audiences all over the world, grossing more than $35 million to date.

E&S has developed patent-pending technology to warp a high-resolution 3K x 4K pixel flat screen image so that it fills a large portion of a fulldome/planetarium screen. This technology also preserves the 3D effects across the frame, so that 3D-enabled fulldome theaters can take advantage of the film’s stunning 3D environments and immersive effects. Traditional 2D fulldome and planetarium theater audiences will also thrill to the impact the digital dome adds to the overall experience.

E&S Vice President Kirk Johnson said, “National Geographic has become synonymous with stunning beauty and scientific accuracy. We are honored to have been chosen as their exclusive partner to bring this captivating and award-winning giant screen film to the fulldome and planetarium community. We believe that this film will help redefine the types of experiences that are possible in a fulldome digital theater.”

Lisa Truitt, President of National Geographic Cinema Ventures, added, “National Geographic is a leader in the giant screen industry, so as we enter this new market, it is natural that we would align ourselves with E&S, a true leader in the digital dome and planetarium market. This partnership represents a new line of business, which has long been a part of NGCV’s strategic plan; we are excited to see it come to fruition. We look forward to working with E&S to bring more new National Geographic product to fulldome and planetarium theaters in the future, in hopes of enhancing programming options available to theaters as we all work to build new audiences for this wonderful theatrical format.”

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is a National Geographic Entertainment production and is distributed by National Geographic Cinema Ventures. The film was directed by Sean Phillips, and written by Mose Richards. National Geographic’s Tim Kelly executive produced the film, with Lisa Truitt and Jini Durr serving as producers.

About Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland’s Digital Theater Division in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary, Spitz Inc., creates cutting-edge, fulldome digital entertainment and advanced video display systems. E&S has developed Digistar 4, the world’s leading digital planetarium with fulldome video playback, real-time computer graphics, and a complete 3D digital astronomy package fully integrated into a single theater system. This technology allows audiences to be immersed in full-color, 3D computer-generated worlds and to interact with these worlds. As a full-service system provider, E&S also offers advanced laser based displays including the revolutionary E&S Laser Projector in addition to Spitz domes, SciDome, Spitz optical-mechanical star projectors, and a full range of theater systems from audio and lighting to theater automation. E&S markets include planetariums, science centers, themed attraction venues, and premium large-format theaters, and E&S products have been installed in over 1, 300 theaters worldwide. Visit the E&S website at

About National Geographic Entertainment

National Geographic Entertainment (NGE) combines into a single operating group National Geographic’s Cinema Ventures, Films, Kids Entertainment, Home Entertainment and Music & Radio. NGE is part of National Geographic Global Media (NGGM), bringing together all of National Geographic’s editorial platforms in order to streamline collaboration and further support the Society’s mission. Founded in 1888 to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge, ” National Geographic works to inspire people to care about the planet. It reaches more than 325 million people worldwide each month through magazines, books, digital media, and television, radio, music and film. It funds more than 250 scientific research, exploration and conservation projects each year and supports an education program combating geography illiteracy. For more information, visit

About National Geographic Cinema Ventures

National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGCV), formerly known as National Geographic Giant Screen Films, is part of National Geographic Entertainment (NGE). Building on National Geographic’s global reputation for remarkable visuals and compelling stories, NGCV produces and distributes both documentary and narrative films for all types of screens, including commercial and institutional, giant screen and 35mm/digital, fulldome and planetarium, in 2D, 3D, and 4D formats. NGCV also retains distribution rights to one of the largest film libraries in the giant-screen industry. For more information, visit

E&S and Digistar are registered trademarks of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation. 

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