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Family Entertainment: Animalive have been busy this last few weeks promoting our state-of-the-art technology.


At the EAS (European Attraction Show) we exhibited the acclaimed animation of Proffesor Potty Pythagoras, the central interactive Character from Butlins’ big theatrical attraction Loony Tunes Live: The Experiment.

The Director of Oddpost Productions and producer of the show Terry Morrison joined us and found the European market to be very excited about interactive live shows.

Animalive’s Chatterbox mini introduced Paddy the frog and Lu Lu the turtle as they heckled and entertained the guests.

The following week we showcased the chatterbox Mini at the Museum Association and VAC (Visitors Attractions Conference) this allowed us to demonstrate the flexibility of our systems and that it truly is about the brief that individual clients set for us.

An evening saw us collaborate with our technology Partners Activ8-3D. Paddy the frog heckled guests during the evenings get together in the Movium at London South Bank. The wine was flowing freely as Paddy chatted away on Activ8-3D’s huge holographic Screen.

Animazoo’s Paul Collimore says

‘Our recent efforts to promote our systems have been very rewarding to us. The European market is fast rivalling the Americans for state- of- the- art entertainment and with the ability to incorporate the technology at a fraction of the cost companies are very attracted in our products. Further more visitor attractions are under going huge renovations with their guests no longer satisfied with being passive viewers. Animalive’s technology creates an experience that is uniquely interactive every time’.

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