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FECs Redemption Games & FEC Technology : A successful debut for Ticket Jackpot


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Coin Tech, the world’s leading provider of Debit Card System and management technology for FECs and leisure venues of all sizes, is proud to announce “Ticket Jackpot”, an innovation for both visitors to and operators of redemption games and FECs, a rapidly growing sector in the Family Entertainment Industry.

Coin Tech‘s new and revolutionary module of Game System includes accumulative progressive jackpots to your redemption area – offering a wide variety of configurations – together with dazzling images and sounds effects.

Ticket Jackpot’s grand debut took place at a Playland FEC, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and due to its smooth performance and success with the public, it is the premiere attraction of the facility this summer. Whole families follow the jackpot with great anticipation until it is awarded and enjoy the excitement that the product creates. The operator can now attract more customers during the off-peak hours and even more during high-peak hours thus increasing profits considerably.

Playland owners said that Ticket Jackpot exceeded all their expectations in many regards. The public response was tremendous and the operator cited key benefits as being ease of installation, low maintenance and a 25% increase in income. Playland is also proud to be the first site in the world to utilise this technology and make it available for their customers.

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