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“Flood” is Opposite of a Disaster as Mirage Entertainment and OCT East Set to Open “Flood of Mandrill Mountain”


“The Flood of Mandrill Mountain, ” began as a trickle of an idea then grew into a 15 minute non-stop live action stunt show. Originally, OCT East designed the set to be a disaster attraction without live performers, but as the idea took shape, park executives decided to add a live action story to the project.

The show will open December 28, 2008 and has been under construction since April of 2008. It will feature eleven performers who struggle to restore order after a greedy pirate releases a curse upon the peaceful mountain dwellers.

The show features jet skiers, high divers, action fighters, water cannons and a devastating flood that fills the set with half a million gallons of water during each performance. Mirage Director, Todd Lester says, “The main character of the show is the water… that much water, filling the set that quickly… well, it’s incredible. That said, our performers hold their own. We have the best action team I’ve ever worked with assembled for this show. We have motocross riders from Australia, divers from Belarus, American stunt fighters… it’s an international ensemble of the highest quality.”

About Mirage Entertainment, Inc

Mirage Entertainment produces live entertainment worldwide, from one-time events to long-running live-action performances. A full list of types of productions, along with video clips is available at

Mirage is a U.S.-based company with offices in Munich, Beijing, Dubai, Taipei, and Shenzhen.

Brad Billington,
Mirage Entertainment, Inc. 

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