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GordonRides and Dynamic Designs, Inc. Announce Ambitious New Flat Ride, the MegaWhip


Today GordonRides, a new amusement ride design firm based in New York, announced the unveiling of its first product, the MegaWhip. GordonRides has contracted the engineering of the MegaWhip to Dynamic Designs, Inc. of San Jose, California, which will develop the ride for manufacturing.

“We are particularly excited to be working with Dynamic Designs, given their vast experience in the amusement industry, and the exceptionally high quality of their work, ” said Jonathan Gordon, GordonRides CEO and Lead Designer. “The MegaWhip is a particularly exciting ride design, and I’m thrilled that it will be the debut ride for GordonRides. We anticipate pre-launch availability starting at the end of this summer, and the full product debut at the IAAPA trade show in Las Vegas this November. We hope to have MegaWhips in operation for the 2010 season.”

The MegaWhip is loosely based on the original W.F. Mangels Whip ride of 1914, with a very important key difference: the MegaWhip, unlike the original Whip, is able to navigate both left and right curves in a single layout.

The MegaWhip’s key features are:
Unlimited ride path possibilities, ensuring that every ride can have a unique layout
Curve positioning that allows for carriages to swing close to each other, providing riders the illusion of a pending collision
Variations in curve pattern and size that provide unpredictability and big thrills
Layouts that can function as thrill rides, family rides, kiddie rides, or dark rides
Flexibility to conform to almost any size or shape lot
Several passenger capacities, depending on the size of the layout
Easy-maintenance design, ensuring speedy and simple removal and replacement of worn components, resulting in extremely low ride down-time
Nostalgic passenger carriage design, evocative of the original Whip carriages but with modern updates and passenger safety systems
ASTM F2291 compliant

MegaWhip rides can be custom ordered at the IAAPA trade show in November, 2009, in Las Vegas. Pre-sales for the MegaWhip will begin this summer. 

Please contact GordonRides at 203-918-3095 or for additional details.

About GordonRides

GordonRides is an amusement ride design firm dedicated to the idea that innovation and creativity are what make a ride truly memorable. This means that every ride must have a unique layout and innovative design features that set it apart from the rest. In addition to delivering a thrilling experience, the new rides are carefully designed with ease of maintenance in mind. GordonRides designs use a variety of proprietary technologies, engineering innovation, and artistic vision to create an experience unlike any other. 

About Dynamic Designs, Inc.

Dynamic Designs, based in San Jose, California, is a leader in amusement ride design. Expertise in every area of ride design and a thorough knowledge of what it takes to bring a ride from conception to reality are its hallmark. "Our goal is to apply our vast expertise and years of designing for the industry to each and every job, ” says Bill Kelley, the company’s president. “It’s all about quality and excellence."

For more information about Dynamic Designs, Inc., please visit

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