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Hollyer Projects Refurbish Weymouth’s Seafront Land Train for Weymouth SEA LIFE


The Seafront Land Train in Weymouth, UK, has been refurbished by Hollyer Projects.  The Land Train, leased from the local council by Weymouth SEA LIFE, runs between the Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park and the new Weymouth SEA LIFE Tower. 

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Hollyer Projects Refurbish Weymouths Seafront Land Train for Weymouth SEA LIFE  - beforeThe Seafront Land Train has been a popular feature of the Weymouth sea front for 15 years.  With the land train SEA LIFE can now provide visitors with the perfect link between their two attractions in the town; the new Weymouth SEA LIFE Tower, a 53 meter high observation tower that gives a panoramic 360 degree view of the resort and coastline, and the Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park, located over a mile away in Lodmoor Country Park.

On taking delivery of the vehicle, SEA LIFE General Manager Craig Dunkerley saw that the vehicle was in urgent need of repairs and a facelift.  With barely eight weeks to get the job turned round, Hollyer Projects were brought in to get the land train in shape before the start of the season.  Dunkerley says, “I’ve known Richard Hollyer for 10 years.  He’s reliable and trustworthy and very creative.  He can take a project, understand what the business needs and just go with it.”

After the necessary mechanical repairs, the land train was vinyl-wrapped, a process which gives a superb colourful shiny finish which is very durable without using paint.  Hollyer Projects commissioned Matthew Ringland to design the stunning artwork for the land train.  This is a skilled job as the designs must be laid out very carefully for the vinyl wrapping process.

Hollyer Projects Refurbish Weymouths Seafront Land Train for Weymouth SEA LIFE The land train has three carriages, each of which has a different theme: the train engine and first carriage have an underwater aquarium theme based on the SEA LIFE Adventure Park; the second carriage has images of the Weymouth SEA LIFE Tower and the third promotes the independent attractions at the Lodmoor Country Park, a 350 acre park incorporating a nature reserve, family attractions and a green gym. 

Hollyer Projects completed the work by the deadline of 31st March and the result is a vibrant new land train in time for the Olympic sailing events hosted in Weymouth this summer.

The Seafront Land Train runs daily until 31st October along the Weymouth Esplanade promenade between the Town Centre and the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.  The 10-15 minute journey will be extended from 22nd June to link to the new Weymouth Sea Life Tower.  The train has a capacity of 18 adults or 24 children per carriage, providing a total capacity of 52 adults allowing for the wheelchair ramp on the last carriage.  Prices for a one way trip are £1.50 with no charge for children under three.

Hollyer Projects Refurbish Weymouths Seafront Land Train for Weymouth SEA LIFE About Hollyer Projects

Following a sculptural grounding in the 80s, Richard Hollyer was employed by Merlin Studios (formerly Tussauds Group Studios) for nearly 18 years.  He finally became one of the Studio’s project managers in 2003, delivering increasingly complex projects for the ever-growing portfolio of Merlin attractions.
Hollyer Projects manage creative installations from start to finish, providing a personal service, which includes project management, design, theme work and signage.  Richard is always keen to meet with clients at the earliest opportunity to discuss their requirement and to offer ideas and possible solutions for achieving their ultimate objective.


SEA LIFE, part of MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS, is the world’s biggest aquarium brand with more than 10 million visitors a year and over 30 superb attractions in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS  is the leading name in location-based, family entertainment, and has seen the most successful and dynamic growth of any company in the sector over the last five years to become Europe’s Number 1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator.  

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