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Interlink completes installations at worldwide park venues


Interlink, the France/UK based water ride specialist, has completed the installation of three new water rides at venues in Indonesia, Sweden and France, while also announcing the signing of a contract for a new flume ride in the US.

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In Indonesia, the company has supplied a two lift Super Flume to an indoor leisure project in Bandung. The custom-built attraction features double-seat, Zodiac-style boats specially designed at the client’s request and which are now available to other customers where required.

The two lift Super Flume has two chutes, one 3m high and the other 9m. The length of the ride is approximately 277m, with the station section being 12m in length. Water speed is 1.5m per second and a total of seven, six-seater boats are utilised. The ride has been fully themed in an Aztec style, incorporating a large volcano feature, rock work and other related décor and surroundings.

At the Daftö Resort in Strömstad, Sweden, Interlink has completed the installation of a two lift standard flume ride, 215m in length and featuring a 9m long station section and two lifts of 4m and 7m in height. Maximum water speed is 1.5m/sec and five boats are in use, each seating five passengers. Hourly capacity is approximately 500 riders.

At Euro Park in Vias Plage, southern France, where Interlink has previously installed a Rapid River and a major Log Flume, the company has opened a mini flume ride, a new addition to its range of water based attractions. The ride has been specially developed to cater for the youngest end of the market, the three to eight year old age group, and each version can be custom designed to suit both the layout and theming requirements of the client.

The attraction covers an area of just 15m by 7m and incorporates a station length of 5m and a single lift and drop of 2m in height. Water speed is approximately 0.4m/sec and six boats are used, each seating three passengers. Capacity is 650 riders per hour and the attraction is designed to operate either inside or outside with no limitations to layout or length, although Interlink believes a length of 50 m. to 60 m. is adequate. The Euro Park version features a theme based on American Indians, with cartoon style decoration and boats based on an Indian canoe design.

“We are delighted with these three recently completed projects, ” commented Interlink Managing Director John Hudd. “Each one provided us with different challenges – from the innovative new elements incorporated into the Super Flume in Indonesia, through the very short lead time from order to delivery for the Daftö Resort Log Flume, to the development of a totally new mini flume – but all have been completed successfully and on time, to the credit of the whole Interlink team. These and our many other projects show our considerable capabilities in providing exactly what the client requires and we are looking forward to continuing in this vein with the several other new projects we currently have in the pipeline.”

As well as the Super Flume, Log Flume and mini flume, Interlink also offers various other water rides within its product range, including the Rapid River, Water Battle, Spin Boat and kiddy and junior flumes, all of which allow the company to cater to different customer requirements and a wide range of age groups

For more information contact Interlink at or visit the Interlink website

About Interlink

The Interlink Group was founded in 1982 by John Hudd with the specific purpose of designing and manufacturing a range of high quality, affordable, water based attractions for installation in theme, amusement and water parks. With offices in France and the UK, all design and manufacturing work is carried out in-house and the company has developed a variety of water rides to suit a wide range of requirements. Interlink also offers ‘dry’ rides, from scenic trains to thrilling roller coasters, and carries out all aspects of ride design and installation. Interlink has been involved in numerous projects around the world since it was founded and continues to be a leading supplier to a wide range of venues.


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