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ITEC Entertainment’s ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ Attraction in Singapore Tops Previous ‘Mummy’ Experiences


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ITEC Entertainment has launched the third and most exciting version of "Revenge of the Mummy, The Ride, " one of the more technically advanced thrill rides in the theme park industry. 

The newest "Mummy" experience, now in operation during the soft opening of Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa, combines a high adrenaline indoor coaster ride with show elements and special effects based on Universal Studios’ trilogy of "Mummy" films. This highly immersive ride was produced by ITEC’s creative, technical and project management teams who managed all aspects of the show, ride and facility as the "turnkey" provider. ITEC Entertainment, a US-based company, provides worldwide, one-source, comprehensive themed entertainment services.

Feedback from Singapore’s "Revenge of the Mummy" riders has quickly put this attraction on the "A list" in blogs and other theme park websites. Between the physical thrills induced by the coaster’s careening journey through the Mummy’s nightmarish world and the psychological thrill from being pursued by Imhotep himself, Guests experience an unparalleled themed ride adventure.  

Nowhere else in the world can riders watch the soul of an unfortunate tomb raider being extracted from his body by the menacing Imhotep. ITEC’s creative and technical designers used cutting edge special effects and enhanced sound and lighting to make this among other scenes possible. Another ride highlight is the coaster launch, which rapidly propels guests into the angry and boiling mouth of a 3-story-high Mummy head. Using a series of linear induction motors, state-of-the-art control systems and multiple custom special effects, ITEC’s experts have made the launch moment terrifyingly unforgettable.  

According to Jeff Jensen, ITEC’s Project Director, "This project has been an enormous undertaking and has overcome many obstacles, but because of everyone’s hard work and dedication, the entire team can be proud of what has been created."  Relocating over 25 ITEC staff and managing approximately 40 sub-vendors, ITEC project managers led the entire process from inception to completion, successfully opening on schedule according to the park’s soft opening plan.

ITEC Entertainment
(, a 24-year industry leader, provides worldwide, comprehensive, themed entertainment development services including theme park design.  ITEC’s multi-disciplinary approach covers many areas of specialization, such as services for theme parks, cultural attractions, resorts, entertainment centers and themed dining.

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