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Lasers: Emotion Media Factory Laserland celebrate this year their 25th company anniversary


 April saw EMF celebrate the 25th anniversary of its foundation. EMF has established itself in the field of full service production embracing creativity, design, implementation and customer support.

For some 25 years, Laserland GmbH has been creating an enthralling world of entertainment which now includes more than 1500 installations across the globe. The team that has been built up around the three founders of the company, Ralph Douw, Helmut Doerner and Robert Huber, provides a turnkey solution comprising every step from initial idea through to final completion. In 2006, the company’s portfolio was reorganized within Emotion Media Factory / Laserland.

December 2008 saw the introduction of a quality management system compliant with DIN ISO 9001: 2000.
By taking this step, EMF wants to improve cost effectiveness with efficient processes, increase customer satisfaction and enhance their competitive position by an independent attestation of quality.

"Our silver anniversary represents an important milestone for us and allows our customers to rest safe in the knowledge that they can rely on our stability. It is they who have made our company what it is today."

The intercompatibility between our system modules reflects our view of the future.

We look forward to the challenges and intend to surpass ourselves over the next 25 years.

Perfectly in line with the fundamental principles of Emotion Media Factory / Laserland: Openness in communication and an uncompromising commitment to quality build the bridges that ensure a successful future.

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