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Lasers: The Highest Quality and Best Priced Laser Tag System on the Market Just Got Better!


BasicBlast, the Best Laser Tag Product for 2008, just got better for 2009!  Advanced Avionics is very pleased to announce that BasicBlast can now have up to 30 players at a time and can also use our new Wireless Base.  Clients who are currently using BasicBlast here in the U.S. and Internationally are deploying this amazing system in family entertainment centers (FEC), inflatable and bounce facilities, Cruise Lines, and Portable Party companies.

BasicBlast still uses the same lasers and vests as our high end HyperBlast system, but without the high end cost because we have removed the Personal Computer and Installation from the costs.  There is no other laser tag system that can offer your guests so much more fun, yet costs so much less.  Your guests want to have the options of Solo or Team Play, Single Fire or Rapid Fire, Shields and Photons, Real Time Scoring both on the laser and in the lobby, and also get a score card. 

Your guests also want a system that is reliable and dependable.  Are you tired of having to offer ‘refunds’ on faulty equipment?  Are you ready to keep the laser tag profits that you earn?  Are you and your guests ready to move on to the LaserBlast experience of superior performance?

A 30 player system can add substantial revenue to your business or location.  Call 734-332-0256 or write us at to speak with your laser tag expert today, before the 2009 price increases take place!

Contact: Your Laser Tag Team – Al Keeping, Nisrine Osman, Richard Elliston   
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