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LCI Debut World’s First 360 Degree Water Screen at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park


Worlds first 360 Degree Water Screen:  Symbio – Ocean Park, Hong Kong

LCI were commissioned by Utopia Entertainment to create the world’s first ever 360 degree water screen. The screen forms the centre piece of the new Aqua City development in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. The new show, entitled Symbio, and Aqua City were opened in January 2011. LCI developed the 360 degree water screen for the Symbio show and also designed, supplied and installed the full show control system, fountain jets, LED lighting and water cannons.  Moving lighting and sound control were installed by Raw Media, Flame Jets by Sigma Services and Pyrotechnics by Glorious.

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The Symbio show is the story of two fighting dragons Yin and Yang who battle, but eventually make peace and then create the world.  LCI developed all of the CG animation for the show, and supplied the full on site creative team to deliver the show, directed by Utopia.

The show runs daily, also providing daytime fountain shows, with the climax of the evening being Symbio. Audiences for the show regularly exceed 5000. The ‘jet screen’ was developed in 2009, being tested and demonstrated in August of that year.  A fifth of the circular screen was built and tested at the Barnes Wetland Centre in West London.

The testing of the screen was essential to optimise its design and also to understand how video projection would look on the jets. The testing greatly informed the style of content that was subsequently developed for the show.

The great surprise to the end client is that the jets not only performed well as a screen but also as a musical fountain system.   The screen is created using an array of nozzles which are grouped in threes.  Each group has individual control of height, and its own high power LED lighting. The 360 degree image is created using five projectors which are contained within the ring of fountains.

The installation began on site in September 2010, and completed in early December. The on site programming then followed, with final adjustments being made in the New Year, prior to the Aqua City grand opening.


64 x Jet Screen Modules
12 x Fountain Jet Modules
8 x LCI Water Cannons
168 x Submersible LED Fixtures
5 x Christie LX1500 Projectors
76 x Toshiba Inverter Drives
76 x Grundfos Borehole Pumps
5 x Stainless Steel Outdoor Projector Enclosures
1 x Show Control Master (AV Stumfpl ISEO)
1 x Video Master (AV Stumpfl Wings)
5 x Video Slaves (AV Stumpfl Wings)
14 x SC LAN Relay Out Modules
30 x SC LAN Relay In Modules
1 x SC NET DMX512 Modules
5 x Extron FOX500 DVI Pairs
5 x Perle Virutal COM Ports
5 x Blacky Shutter Units
4 x Blackbox Gb POE Switches
8 x Blackbox Media Convertors
1 x HOG PC + Programming Wing + Playback Wing
1 x HOG DMX Super Widget

76 x Toshiba Inverter Drives
76 x Grundfos Borehole Pumps
5 x Stainless Steel Outdoor Projector Enclosures

Supplied by Sigma
14 x ISOPAR Moving Flame Jets

Supplied by Raw Media
51 x 1200 Watt Moving Lights
51 x Outdoor Lighting Enclosures

Supplied by Ocean Park
51 x Point Source Speakers
17 x Subs

About LCI:

LCI have over 25 years experience in the creation of spectacular, stunning shows and events around the world.

LCI combine Technical Excellence and Creative innovations, to thrill audiences, capture attention and celebrate occasions. From multi million pound installations to single night hire, LCI always strive to provide a total service, with the capability to design, produce and deliver a ‘complete package’.

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