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MagiQuest Live Action Game Opens Doors in Pigeon Forge, TN


MagiQuest, a live-action interactive game that has carved a new niche and strong brand following in family entertainment, announced the opening of its newest location in Pigeon Forge, TN, proving that quality family entertainment is still thriving amid a weak economy.

Like stepping into a real-life video game, the adventure begins when you enter the castle. Players, known as Magi, buy and adorn a magic wand that triggers over 150 special effects and remembers everything you do forever. Magi use clues, riddles and hints to progress through the game, earn points and power, and encounter unique worlds. Whether battling a dragon or searching for the Princesses’ jewels, there are many choices of quests and adventures to play. When guests return, they pick up where they left off. New quests, characters and adventures are added each year so the game never ends and your wand works at any MagiQuest location.

When local attractions development and management company, Adventure Quest Entertainment Group, the attractions affiliate of Holrob Investments, was looking for a new attraction, it was an easy choice. “There is nothing else like it in the industry”, said Pigeon Forge MagiQuest co-owner Ned Vickers. “We loved everything we heard and saw. Then we visited the Myrtle Beach location and knew we had to be the ones to bring the magic to Pigeon Forge!”

From the moment you enter the giant four-story castle at traffic light 2A on the main drag, you know you are in a special place. The new location boasts several effects not found anywhere else. Secret doors and a unique infinity room enhance the experience while portals are used as gateways into each unique area and are a very key part of the theme. “We aren’t going to give all the magic away but the portals into the different worlds are symbolic of our company”, said Denise Weston, co-founder of Creative Kingdoms, the parent company of MagiQuest. “We have great things planned that will take MagiQuest to the next level and will expand our brand globally” eluding that a big announcement is on the horizon.

The familiarity with the game is another indication that MagiQuest is gaining ground as an established brand, something that creators are quick to point out they were confident would happen. “We get hundreds of emails daily asking us to open a location somewhere near them or launch a game online so they can continue their journey” said Weston. “I tell them we will – and we’ll do it in a way no one else has so that everyone can enjoy MagiQuest, ” hinting to an announcement that may be forthcoming soon about the next phase of the company’s expansion plans.

In addition to MagiQuest, three other attractions are located inside the Pigeon Forge castle including Odyssey Mirror Maze, Pirate mini golf and The Vault Laser Challenge.

The Pigeon Forge location marks the fourteenth opening in less than four years. MagiQuest first opened in 2005 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Since, partnerships have led to openings in 9 Great Wolf Lodge locations, FunPlex New Jersey and two in Japan, marking the brand’s international expansion “We are thrilled that in a tough economic time we are growing and expanding” said Weston.

MagiQuest Pigeon Forge will host a private media event on May 18th with a grand opening to the general public on May 19th. The new location will operate daily year round.

About Creative Kingdoms

Creative Kingdoms is the owner and creator of MagiQuest. Co-founded in 1999 by Denise Weston, Rick Briggs, Jonathan Barney and Fred Frantz, Creative Kingdoms was formed with a powerful goal in mind – to invent new patented technologies that bring families out of the house and into your facility by putting the “magic” literally into the hands of people around the world. These innovations and attractions have garnered Creative Kingdoms some of the amusement industry’s most coveted awards from THEA and IAAPA.

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