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Marketing and Design: Souvenirs to celebrate with MAMMALcreate


A souvenir hardback book designed by MAMMALcreate could spark an interesting new opportunity for the attractions industry.

‘Carnival’ was created as part of a project to celebrate one of Britain’s oldest street carnivals. Following the interest it’s generated, MAMMALcreate are offering more organisations the chance to write and publish their own souvenir book.

“Creating a book is a unique and permanent way to leave an impression. Thanks to today’s production techniques, what may have been expensive in the past is now considered far more affordable”, explains Penny Delmon, Creative Director of MAMMALcreate. “We can design and publish books in large and small numbers. They can be coffee table books, they can be commemorative or souvenirs and they can make revenue. Putting together a book of your organisation’s successes or achievements, images that are important or represent you, your history or aspirations provides something imaginative for your customers to take home. Nothing is more personal, original, more lasting – a great return on investment in design”.

“Carnival was designed to celebrate 42 years of the St Pauls Carnival. It contains stunning photographs and personal accounts from the event dating back to 1967. Thanks to MAMMALcreate’s sharp design and attention to detail this book will not only be a coffee table book, but also a sought after souvenir”. Chris Burton – Heritage Lottery Fund St Pauls Carnival Consultant .

About MAMMALcreate

MAMMALcreate was launched in 2004 to create design, branding and marketing campaigns that offer more than just function or style. The award winning company whose work includes branding, signage, displays, exhibitions and web design has now evolved into publishing.

MAMMALcreate work closely with clients bringing ideas, creative thinking and strategy to the design process. They draw inspiration and motivation from different design disciplines blending them together for impact, translating ideas into stimulating print and interactive communications. 

“Who knows what MAMMALcreate will do next; a website, a brand, a successful marketing campaign, or maybe something weird and wonderful that’s never been done before” Penny Delmon – Creative Director, MAMMALcreate

Awards include: D&AD Gold, Design Week, CREAM, Royal Television Society, BIMA

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