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Medialon Releases Manager Kiosk, an Easy Programming Yet Powerful Software for Interactive Kiosk Applications


Medialon releases Manager KIOSK, the ultimate kiosk application generator for Media Control for interactive kiosk applications in Museum kiosks, Theme Park interactive attractions, and more!

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Manager KIOSK is the ideal solution when link to other controls and link to external world is needed with out the burden of doing C++ or Flash™ programming.

This new special edition of Medialon Manager, Medialon’s awarded Windows-based powerful audiovisual control software, benefits from Medialon Manager’s legendary control programming environment, its graphical user interface and its easy programming tools which make kiosk programming easier and more powerful than ever.

With Manager KIOSK, it is easy to build user interfaces with buttons, sliders, text displays, gauges, lists, and text entry fields as well as embedded media or video playback without being a C++ or Adobe Flash™ programmer. With simple drag and drop actions, it is easy to program the behavior of the media and animation based on users’ actions.

Manager KIOSK main features:

A programmable web browser
Manager KIOSK includes a completely programmable web browser. This allows you to prevent kids from using kiosks to log onto Facebook, keep track of sites visited, time out navigation after a while, and more, all easy functionalities possible with Manager KIOSK’s embedded programmable web browser.

Controllable Media Playback
Thanks to its programmable Media player, Manager KIOSK can keep track of popular media in your presentation or trigger external effects, such as lighting, when necessary.

Open to the world
Manager KIOSK would not be a member of the Medialon family if it didn’t have a link to Medialon other controllers. Using the “Medialon On Network” protocol, you can link and synchronize your kiosk applications with other Medialon controllers. Let your guests trigger larger shows, have them participate in a game, or why not send a “tweet” to Twitter or post their game results on their Facebook page, provided your programming allows them to do so.

Availability: now MSRP: 400 EUR / 520 USD


Medialon designs user friendly yet powerful, IT based audiovisual control solutions, for simple to mission critical applications such as Museum Media Control, Theme Park Wide and Attraction Control, Live Entertainment Show Control and Corporate Showrooms to name just a few.

Our products range includes Show & Media Control Software, Embedded Controllers, Digital Audio Servers, Scheduling Software, and Redundant Control Servers.

With offices in the USA and Europe and international distributors, Medialon solutions are available worldwide.



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