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Mirage Entertainment and OCT Make a Splash with New Show in Waterpark Wave Pool


“The Pirate Princess, ” currently under construction at OCT Chengdu, features a unique set that transforms the waterpark’s new wave pool into the stage for the live action show.
“The park wanted to combine their wave pool with a live show and that vision has proved to contain special challenges. We have water cannons, pyro, high divers, stunt fighting and other non-stop action happening where swimmers were splashing around just moments before, ” reports David Draves, Mirage Entertainment‘s VP of Shows and Productions.

The show will open on January 10th, 2009 and has been under construction since March of 2008. Mirage took the project from the conceptual stage, to design, construction and installation and will begin rehearsals late November.

Mirage Project Manager, Bruce Cant says “It’s the first time this much action is packed into a set that changes this radically. Guests will be rolling in the waves one minute and then stunned by amazing action the next.”

The design team had to architect special effects that “disappear” while the set is in use by the public. After the show, water cannons submerge and other safety features were added to make the set safe for the water park patrons.

Project Director, Bob O’Neil states, “We’ve created a set that is a ‘transformer’ — water park into stage. This took more than just a little bit of engineering.”

About  Mirage Entertainment, Inc

Mirage Entertainment produces live entertainment worldwide, from one-time events to long-running live-action performances. A full list of types of productions, along with video clips is available at

Mirage is a U.S.-based company with offices in Munich, Beijing, Dubai, Taipei, and Shenzhen.

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