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Mirage Entertainment’s Anhui Flower & Water show 2011, Hong Village A-Ju, China


For summer 2011, Mirage Entertainment is excited to announce a spectacular new production, opening Oct 1 (Chinese national day) at Shu Yi Xian lake resort in Anhui China.  

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“Hong Village A-Ju”, recounting the legendary strength of the Anhui women, is a gigantic water show, featuring fantastical moving props, impressive effects and an amazing acrobatic cast in fabulous costumes.  In contrast to the traditional Chinese Circus show, this Mirage production introduces new multi-media technology (such as 3-D mapping) to enhance the magic and excitement of a legendary tale, in the unique and famously beautiful setting of Anhui. 

According to Charlie Kao, Creative Director and President of Mirage Entertainment:   “This is the first of its kind to combine all the elements that Mirage is well known for.  The effects, the multi-media technology, plus a lot of innovative aerial acts that blend in the strength and beauty of the live artists.  Mirage is quick to harness the newest trends and technology, in ord

er to enhance the creative value of its cutting-edge productions.  With years of experience, Mirage has built up a reputation for excellence, world-wide, throughout the entertainment industry”.

The $200M RMB (approximately $31M US) Anhui show, brings together 60-80 performers from all over the world, including aquatic specialists from the US, dancers and acrobats from China and additional performers from Europe, under the Direction of Angelo Bonello, the Rome-based founder of Kitonb (extreme theatre company).  With all this talent, “Hong Village A-Ju” is expected to be another unprecedented milestone in theatrical innovation for Mirage Entertainment.

About Mirage Entertainment

Mirage Entertainment Entertainment, Inc. was formed in 1998 and blends decades of specialized live production experience with an entertainment dynasty over 40 years old (Pan Asia.) Mirage Entertainment is comprised of entertainers, coordinators, directors, producers and finance executives from stage, screen and television. Our collective experience and sensitivity to our clients needs allows Mirage Entertainment to adapt our shows from one-night events to the largest live productions in the world.

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