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Museum Exhibition Producer Announces Innovative Science Experiences on Urgent and Compelling Topics That Rule 21st Century Life


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Rainworks Omnimedia LLC, an emerging producer of touring museum exhibitions, announced the launch of its ambitious science education portfolio and its forthcoming slate of exhibitions at the World Science Festival in New York City last week.

Departing from conventional wisdom in the museum marketplace that science museum visitors are primarily interested in dinosaurs, mummies, cadavers, Egypt, the Renaissance, antiquities, relics, and spin-offs of Hollywood films and TV shows, Chicago-based Rainworks is investing its resources in the interpretation of science and applied science.

"Our thesis that museum visitors are interested in learning about complex issues rooted in science that shape their lives is borne out by our metaphor elicitation studies, " said Rainworks founder and CEO Gail Vida Hamburg. "Personal and planetary transformation depends on our understanding of behavioral economics and personal finance, engineering and its relationship to technology, and on our knowledge of mathematics and beauty, the sum knowledge of which can lead to something close to truth. As an intellectual and intellectually curious enterprise of creative educators and multimedia communicators who have strong convictions about design and storytelling, and who believe in the power of metaphors and inspiration, we are excited about interpreting for museum visitors complex information that is relevant to their lives. Our mission is to offer engaging museum science experiences that resonate and transform."

Rainworks exhibitions now in various stages of production and development include: MONEY, an interactive exhibition that interprets the foundations and principles of personal finance; Brave New World, a multimedia odyssey that demystifies technology and trends; Glam!, an exhibition on beauty from ancient to contemporary times; and Pure Elegance, an eye-opening journey through the mysteries and wonders of mathematics.

Thought leaders from each field are collaborating on the exhibitions, two of them scheduled for museum programming beginning in early 2011. Researchers, scholars, academics, writers and field practitioners who wish to join the roster of advisors; advocates and promoters of finance, technology, beauty, wellness, and math education who wish to learn about partnership opportunities; and social enterprise leaders interested in "STEM" (science, technology, education and media) may direct queries to

The exhibitions, eagerly awaited by museums of industry, science and natural history, will begin touring in spring 2011. For more information, visit 

Rainworks Omnimedia LLC is a social enterprise that serves the museum sector in the developed world and benefits girls’ literacy and clean water programs in the developing world.

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