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Overwhelming success and world premiere for Triotech at IAAPA 2010


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The Triotech team enjoyed their crowded booth and incredibly long waiting lines. 

“It has been this way since the beginning of the week.  This year’s edition of IAAPA has proven to be an overwhelming success for Triotech.  Visitors are eagerly waiting to get on the rides and once it starts, they are ecstatic” comments Ernest Yale.

The business development team was in full throttle.  “With the biggest sales force ever working at the booth, we worked diligently to keep up with all our clients’ requests.”

Triotech presented an enhanced version of its flagship product, the XD Theatre, with key design modifications including new flooring & lighting.  In addition, the world’s first 7Di, the XD Dark Ride, was prominently displayed.  This multi sensory interactive attraction has generated a lot of enthusiasm.  “The XD Dark Ride, once it reaches its final design, will become a must have for our clients who already own the XD Theatre.  The rides offer a completely different experience and therefore will become a natural extension for the operator.” says Yale.  The other internationally acclaimed products, the Typhoon and a new Stomper DLX attracted plenty of attention.

While some of those attending last week were saying the crowd seemed thinner than usual, it was not the case at the Triotech booth.  “Window-shoppers have given way to more serious buyers this year.  And that’s exactly what Triotech is looking for” says Yale enthusiastically.


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