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Panel System adds colour to Rainbow MagicLand, Rome


Panel System provides the theming for the Mine Train and Theatre attractions in newly opened Rainbow MagicLand amusement park.

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Mine Train

Starting from the brief provided by the Park, Panel System realised the whole theming work around the Mine Train ride: building the steel structure; covering it with sprayed cement; then hand-carving and moulding onto the frame of the volcanoes; and finally painting and producing the lava finishing effect, achieved with transparent and pigmented, then backlit, resins.

“Transforming high faces and converging tops from the plan into reality required real creativity on our part, ” says Matteo Bastoni, Art Director and Project Manager of Panel System, “but the result is absolutely astonishing”.

With a wide range of materials and techniques, Panel System also built the Station, the Flying Dutchman vessel and provided thematisation for the whole attraction.

The Flying Dutchman vessel was built in Panel System’s workshop, and then installed on site. Extra special care was taken on sails ropes and accessories; wooden blocks, once used as tackles, have been made by a major Venetian master craftsman who hand-crafted them starting from an old original model. The same artisan, along with our team, installed sails, ropes and blocks according to a traditional technique.


Panel System’s team of artists and painters have also worked to create the beautifully detailed façade of the Theatre.  “Considering the short schedule, building the façade of the theatre has been a real challenge, “explained Matteo Bastoni.  “All the architectural and decorative elements have been hand carved, then made stiff with the use of specific products and finally reproduced with the use of moulds. Moreover, we took great care to ensure that we achieved really beautiful paint effects, for example using gold leaf and gemstones for the decoration of masks”.

About Panel System

Panel System is a young and dynamic theming and fit-out contractor company, committed to the development of projects and the realization of structural, decorative and finishing items for the leisure and entertainment industry.  Our constant search for new materials and techniques has enabled us to find creative solutions for theme parks, waterparks, amenities, business premises and public spaces.
A good ride is a good ride, but a themed attraction can really make the difference.

About Rainbow MagicLand

Rainbow MagicLand, located just outside Rome, opened on 26th May 2011 and spreads over an area of 600.000 square meters.   The amusement park has been developed to compete with the main European amusement parks by Alfa Park, a company based in Brescia, specializing in the entertainment industry, founder of “Miragica – Terra dei Giganti”. 

Images: Kind courtesy Rainbow MagicLand

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