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Park Games Equipment (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Latest Launch: Accessible Play Series


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PGE has recently updated its Accessible Play Series (ACP) with new added items to accommodate to the needs of children with special needs. We at PGE feel that all playgrounds should accommodate to these needs as much as general children. And because some children are special in their own unique way, our ACP series has been specially designed to encourage physical and mental growth while making sure that it complies to international safety and quality standards.


 fig1&2: Overall ACP concept

Our overall “Accessible Play” Park Development Concept includes the main play structure (fig3) which provides a wide wheel-chair accessible ramp, interesting independent items which allow for team play (fig4-6), simple exercise equipments, a run-around-trail with meeting points, educational, play and music panels (fig7), and a play table (fig8) which children can bring along their favorite toys to play in!


fig3: Accessible Play Equipment


fig4: Touch & Go Flags

fig5: Football Maze

fig6: Maze Play


fig7: Braille, Play & Music Panels

fig8: Themed Play Table

With these new items, we hope to make the parks and enjoyable meeting place for everyone, and encourage healthy physical and mental growth among children.

From the Management and Staff of PGE, Best wishes.

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