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Qendix Brings Revolutionary Amusement Park Time Navigation™ Mobile App Service to IAAPA, Orlando


Qendix is pleased to announce a successful EAS debut and that Danny Siegel, founder and CEO of Comfy Edutainment Centers, has joined the Qendix Advisory Board. 

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Following a successful debut at the EAS show in London, Qendix will showcase CueHoo, a breakthrough Time Navigaton™ mobile app service, at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2011, November 14-18, Orlando.  Applying state of the art mathematical research in the mobile apps world, Qendix’s patented visit optimisation technology is set to revolutionise the theme park visitor experience.

“We were delighted with the response we received at the EAS, and, in line with our strategy, we have formed design partnerships and initiated the beta process with potential clients, ” says Nir Zohar, founder and CEO of Qendix. “We are also happy to announce that Mr. Danny Siegel has accepted its offer and has chosen to join Qendix’s Advisory Board.”

Mr Siegel is the Founder and CEO of Comfy Edutainment Centers; Comfy Edutainment Centers is the IAAPA 2007 Impact Award winner in recognition of the first place product determined to be the ultimate new product for 2007 – The Comfyland Experience.   Mr Siegel is also the Founder and CEO of Discovery Zone Ltd.  He is a 20 year veteran in the world-wide Amusement and Entertainment industry with extensive experience in the Middle East and Eastern European markets in the conceptual design, planning and fitting of indoor Family Entertainment Centers.

Joining Qendix, Mr Siegel said, "I am honored  to join Qendix’s board and believe that its innovative service has the potential to make a significant impact on the way visitors will walk around in an amusement park, wait less and derive  the utmost from their day’s experience. Another noteworthy fact is that the entrance barrier for the park to operate Qendix’s service is quite low and the service can be up and running fairly quickly without the hassle of purchasing additional capital equipment. The immediate result is improvement in the visitor’s experience and increase in the park’s revenue. "

With Qendix’s innovative mobile app, theme park visitors can optimize their experience by simply choosing their preferred attractions.  The app then uses a patented algorithm to create an optimized visit plan and real-time recommendations for the next attraction to visit, based on the visitor’s location and the current and forecasted crowd loads.

Qendix’s mobile app offers two significant advantages over similar technologies currently on offer.  There is no queue virtualisation and therefore no “second class guests”; Qendix users are sharing the same queues as all the other visitors, it’s just that they are using their time so much more efficiently.  In addition, the app does not require any operational changes for theme parks; Qendix technology is simply an add-on feature to the operator’s current mobile app offering.

Qendix plan to announce other revolutionary tools for attractions operators, including the world-first active crowd management system, in the near future.  Please visit booth 4282 at IAAPA or contact us to find out more.

About Qendix

Qendix is a technological start up company dedicated to the development of revolutionary queue optimization and crowd steering services for the global attractions industry.  The Qendix team have over 20 years of experience in R&D, Product Management, Project Delivery, Operations and Sales.

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