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SCS Interactive to Provide the Largest New Attraction in Sesame Place’s History The Count’s Splash Castle – Opening Spring 2009


SCS Interactive is excited for the opportunity to create and theme the most exciting new waterplay structure ever to be added to Sesame Place. The attraction will be called The Count’s Splash Castle and will be unlike anything else in the park both in terms of interactivity and also because of its sheer size.
“To be able to create this unique attraction for Sesame Place is a great opportunity for SCS Interactive. I know this structure will bring a whole new level of interactivity to the park and the creative theming, which invokes the feel of The Count’s castle, will be a show stopper. Children will come back time and time again to explore this attraction, ” stated Bryan Merritt, president of SCS Interactive.  
The Count’s Splash Castle will be an SCS multi-level interactive waterplay attraction which will consist of five towers spanned by four bridges and in every tower and on every level there will be a riot of interactivity. Atop one tower will be the iconic eight-foot themed-tipping bucket which will drench guests with a gush of over 1, 100 gallons of water every few minutes, but the fun won’t stop there. Off three of the other towers there will be a variety of water slides for the whole family to enjoy and if slides aren’t your thing, visitors will enjoy more than 90 guest-activated water features that squirt, spray, and blast.  There will be full integration from the moment you step on the first stair to the moment you splash down the slides to the spray pad below.  
“The Count’s Splash Castle” is the biggest attraction in the history of Sesame Place, and we are very proud to add it to our line-up of family-fun experiences at the park, ” Robert J. Caruso, executive vice president and general manager of Sesame Place stated.  “Water attractions are very popular with our guests.  The number of features in The Count’s Splash Castle attraction will provide hours of interactive waterplay entertainment.”  
This attraction promises to bring a new element delight to Sesame Place. Not only does it offer the guests a chance for waterpark fun it also will be heavily themed throughout. This theming will further help tell the story of the attraction and will truly bring The Count’s Sesame Stree castle to life in living color. This attraction is set to open in spring of 2009 so come prepared to be wowed.

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