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Search for First-Ever Disney Parks CMO Is On


Do you wish your M.D. really stood for "Magic Director?" Or perhaps that your Ph.D. had something to do with Pixie Dust? As millions of Americans resolve to search for a new job this New Year, Disney Parks may have just the position they’ve been waiting for!

To prove that making dreams come true is no longer reserved for fairy godmothers, today launched the hunt for the first-ever Disney Parks Chief Magic Official (CMO) who will spread magic during The Year of a Million Dreams.

The search for the CMO is part of The Year of a Million Dreams, where this year more than one million more dreams will be granted to guests at Disney Parks. This celebration includes fantastic new attractions, parades, interactive entertainment and much more!

"We’re looking for that perfect someone to serve alongside our talented Cast of dream makers, " said Craig Dezern, Vice President, Global Public Relations, Disney Parks. "The CMO will serve as an ambassador of dreams to help create the magic that only Disney can bring to its guests."

"Whatever you dreamed of being when you were growing up, chances are some of your plans hit a snag along the way, " said Richard Castellini, a spokesperson for "In fact, in a recent survey of over 6, 000 workers, only 15 percent said they were actually in their dream jobs. The Disney Parks CMO will have the unique opportunity to live out his or her dream and bring a little magic to the lives of others."

Do You Have What it Takes to be the CMO? 

Beginning May 1, 2008, the part-time CMO will help to create magical experiences for guests, participate in special events at Disney Parks and meet Disney’s real "masters of magic" – the Imagineers.
The ideal CMO candidate must be happy, never grumpy; able to easily befriend dwarfs, dogs, monsters and mice; have good manners – but also be able to pillage and plunder with pirates when necessary. Also required: pockets full of pixie dust, an aversion to poisonous apples, an interest in oversized teacups and flying elephants and, most importantly, a belief in all things magical.

The position will involve travelling, including travel to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, during the week and some weekends and holidays. While travelling as the Disney Parks CMO, he/she will receive an hourly rate of compensation for hours spent performing the CMO role, as well as airfare, accommodations and a spending allowance.
"The CMO position is an opportunity of a lifetime for someone who has always wanted to be part of the Disney family, " said Dezern. "We will look for the ideal candidate to be naturally outgoing and optimistic, and have a great sense of humor as well as a passion for spreading Disney magic to our guests." 

Show Your DISNEY Magic

Beginning January 8 and continuing through January 27, interested applicants can visit and take the "Magic Aptitude Test" (M.A.T.) to see if they have what it takes to be the first-ever Disney Parks Chief Magic Official. Along with the results of the M.A.T., candidates will be asked to show their Disney magic by submitting a 60 second video resume – online at – which captures their personality and visually and verbally supports why they would make the ideal CMO. 

Mickey’s Apprentice

A magical panel of judges will select the top 10 video resumes, which will be posted to and voted on by America. The top three vote- getters will take part in a three-day event at Walt Disney World Resort that will test their creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge of the Parks and magic aptitude. Throughout the three-day event, candidates will be videotaped and the videos will be posted on to be voted on by America. The top vote-getter will be named the Disney Parks Chief Magic Official.
For additional information about the CMO search and to apply, please visit

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